Thursday, September 01, 2005

404 Error

Bush's Crawford Vacation Cannot Be Displayed
Oops! The President you are looking for could not be found here in Crawford. Please check in DC or somewhere else way above sea level.

Please try the following:

* Click the Bush AWOL Bush button, or try again later.
* President Bush used to be here. But he reluctantly left -- 3 whole days early -- because his aides told him he had to.
* Bush was having a great time here -- fishing, clearing brush, hanging out, and pretending to read some dumb book about salt.
* Of course, Camp Casey was really starting to get on his nerves.
* Plus Karl was worried that if Bush drove past that evil Cindy Sheehan one more time, some photographer might snap a photo of him giving her the finger.
* Even so, Bush probably would have stayed here in Crawford, had it not been for that damn hurricane, which hit at a really bad time for him.
* Karl told Bush he looks unpresidential vacationing while New Orleans is under water.
* Karl even told Bush he should visit New Orleans and check out the damage from a helicopter. But Bush doesn't want to cause it's way too scary there.
* In fact, Bush just noticed that New Orleans is kinda close to Crawford.
* So Bush will be "monitoring" Hurricanes Katrina and Cindy from DC -- when he isn't busy falling off his bike.

File this under: Madkane


Blogger Deb said...

Did anyone else notice Bush's clenched fists as he smirked out the window of AF1 for the photo op over New Orleans?

I can hear it now:
"Sir. Clench your fists, Sir. We need you to look suitably concerned. And turn your face away from the camera a bit more, Sir, so they can't see your smirkiness....sir."

3:09 PM  

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