Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dingo Ate
Didn't Eat
My Baby!

Remember that movie?

What was it called?

You know, Meryl Streep was in it.

Dingo Ate My Baby!?

Actually, the title was A Cry In The Dark...

But that one line of dialogue is what people remember.

It's like that other film everyone remembers, The Pod People,

which was actually Invasion Of The Body Snatchers...

Anyway, a young woman now claims that she's the baby that the dingo, er, didn't eat.

Police reject woman's Azaria claims
From: AAP

August 26, 2005

NORTHERN Territory police have rejected a woman's claim that she is Azaria Chamberlain.
The woman walked into Alice Springs police station this week claiming to be the baby girl who disappeared from near Uluru 25 years ago.

Nine-week-old Azaria disappeared from a tent while her family was on a camping holiday at Uluru on August 17, 1980.

Her family have never wavered from their claim that a dingo took the baby.

Alice Springs police today confirmed they were investigating the woman's claim.

"The woman came into the police station on Wednesday and made a number of extraordinary claims, including that she was Azaria Chamberlain," a police spokeswoman said.

I guess they don't get CSI in Alice Springs.

Otherwise, this young woman would know that a simple DNA test would destroy her con job story.

I suppose it's possible that Aborigines found the baby and gave it to a white couple to raise.

Meanwhile, pigs are lined up on the runway, awaiting takeoff...

And Aborigines once again get the shaft.

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