Friday, October 21, 2005

Curses! Scooped again!

How many times can Murray Waas humiliate the New York Times, The Washington Post, and every other major US newspaper?

In today's National Journal, Waas single-handedly shreds Judith Miller's "Oops, I had completely forgotten that I had met with I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby BEFORE Ambassador Joseph Wilson IV published his "What I didn't find in Africa" op ed. According to Ms. Miller, she found her notebook containing her own notes on that "Scooter" meeting.

Side note to Judith Miller: Chances are, Hon, that the prosecutor already knows the answer to the questions s/he asks you.

Waas, acting like the journalists of old, did one of 2 things: A.) he actually investigated the suddenly remembered notebook story and checked the Secret Service visitor logs, where he learned that Judith Miller had, indeed, met with Scooter at the EXECUTIVE OFFICE BUILDING, ADJACENT TO THE FREAKIN' WHITE HOUSE; or B.) he got the scoop from someone in a position to know the facts.

Either way, Murray Waas has the goods on Judith Miller's half-told tale.

The rest of the olfactory-challenged news hounds have done nothing but publish book reports on Miller's version of events or speculate as to Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald's intentions.

Pitiful. Pure D pitiful.

I'll be back later today with this week's Backside Of The Bell Curve winner. Meanwhile, read today's Blog Box column (link in the sidebar).

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