Friday, October 14, 2005

This Week's
Backside Of The Bell Curve


The Inspiration
For The Pronoun In
"God Damn It!"

"If I can't hate you, I'm not free!
If I can't hate you, at least let me intimidate you!
Hey, God says it's OK!"


The headline of Jerry's latest bout of verbal diarrhea says it all...

Federal ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill Threatens Religious Freedoms

Here are the most disgusting parts, but you can read the whole thing if you can stand the man who almost single handedly destroyed Christianity in this country.

Critics—and I am one—believe the bill, which has passed in the House, would, if signed into law, pose a serious threat to pastors and religious organizations that hold biblical views on morality.

I certainly agree that we must work as a nation to halt sex crimes and to make information available to families regarding dangerous predators. However, the supplemental hate crimes amendment is terribly perilous for pastors and churches.

In a press release, Liberty Counsel stated: “… if the hate crimes bill passes the Senate, it will be coupled with the Hate Crimes Reporting Act of 1990 which mandated that the FBI include intimidation in its reporting of statistics on hate crimes. Therefore, because intimidation may also be considered a hate crime, ministers or religious organizations who speak out against homosexuality are in danger of being labeled with a hate crime.”

While we must work as a nation to uncompromisingly protect our children from sexual predators, Christians need to be very concerned about the effort to silence our free-speech rights.

Free-speech rights, my straight-but-not-narrow ass, Jerry.

You are the walking definition of hateful.

The fact that your livelihood depends solely on rousing the rabble should give the saner members of your little cabal pause.

But I'm probably giving them way too much credit.

The bell tolls for thee and for me, Jerry.

I just hope yours tolls first, you hateful Pharisee!

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