Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pure D Rotten

Well, well, well!

Focus On The Family guy, James Dobson, has revealed the subject of his little tête-à-tête with "boy not-so-genius" Karl Rove.
Dobson says Rove never told him that white House staff secretary/ Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers would definitely vote to overturn Roe v Wade.

Dobson says that Rove merely assured him that Miers "is an Evangelical Christian, that she is from a very conservative church, which is almost universally pro-life, that she had taken on the American Bar Association on the issue of abortion and fought for a policy that would not be supportive of abortion, that she had been a member of the Texas Right to Life."

Hm. We already know that Harriet Miers has joined the radical faction of her church in its split from its more progressive congregation members.

And we know that her faction didn't retain the building... her regressive group now meets in a Dallas hotel to praise father, son, and holy ghost.

What part of Miers' stand on Roe v Wade are we not understanding, Dobson?

And why does no one even question the fact that George W. Bush is so freakin' stupid that his freakin' staff secretary has to have a freakin' SMU law degree?

And what kind of half-assed SMU lawyer is so mediocre that she can't even secure the freakin' church building for her fundie faction?

The conclusion?

Harriet Miers is the glazed eye of the dead BushCo fish, rotting from the head down.

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