Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coulter Reception Netted $0 for Beauprez
(But I'm Sure She Got Paid)

From Colorado Confidential...

You're a Republican running for governor, it's the last week of the 1st quarter of election year, and a famous right-wing pundit's in town -- gotta milk that for all it's worth, right?

If the pundit's Ann Coulter, maybe not.

Coulter Reception Netted $0 for Beauprez

But I guess you can't blame the Beauprez campaign for trying. Back on March 28, when Coulter brought her one-woman standup routine to the Paramount Theater in Denver, she hadn't quite completed her transition from leggy pundit/author to radioactive slime. So a pre-show meet-greet with the 9/11 Widow Watchdog might still have seemed like a reasonable idea. . . . .

"We found out the hard way,"
says former Beauprez for Gov campaign chief Steve Truebner, "that Ann Coulter is not a major draw for donors."

Nary a one showed up, according to Truebner, leaving Ms. Coulter and Mrs. Beauprez -- the candidate himself was in D.C., working his day job -- to hobnob in the Paramount's 2d-floor lobby with about a dozen earnest but penniless campaign volunteers, plus some KOA listeners who'd won free tickets to the Coulter show from the station and just happened to be in the vicinity. --snip--

And the reward for the Beauprez campaign? An object lesson in the perils of pundit piggybackery.

So when is $0 actually -$0?

The Beauprez campaign had to pay the Coulter Beast in cold hard cash for her ... um, appearance.


Don't mind me. I'm just...

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19--


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I am sure she got paid..

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