Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trent Lott ("Eagle Soaring" Cricket #1) Finally Chirps

Yesterday, I posted this:

The eagles must be soaring...

Because I haven't heard a word from either Lott or Ashcroft, have you?

Let the crickets chirp!

What a difference a day makes...

BOISE - Senator Larry Craig is stepping down from top committee assignments – under pressure from GOP leadership.


The announcement came in a statement from Republican leaders Senators Mitch McConnell, Trent Lott, Jon Kyl, Kay Bailey Hutchison, John Ensign.

Still waiting for John Ashcroft to chirp?

Don't hold your breath.

By the way, missing from that photo is Jim Jeffords, but he ditched the Republican party in 2001 to become an Independent.

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19--


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