Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rumor On The Hill: Bloomberg's Announcement Date

Rumor has it...
that that other Dem-turned-Repub NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg, will announce his White House run on March 31st.

I had put this juicy little gossip bite on the back burner weeks ago.

Announcing on a Monday? How lame would that be?

Until I read this:

NYC Mayor Researching Presidential Bid

Sources Say Michael Bloomberg Is Polling, Collecting Voter Data Nationwide As He Considers Independent Run

Way down the page, there's this:

Using the microtargeting model, research firms working for Bloomberg are gathering comprehensive information on voters throughout the country, such has who owns a home, has children in college, where they vacation, type of car or computer and past political support. All the puzzle pieces will then be arranged to create a picture of each individual.

Most of the data already exists in commercial databases that the multibillionaire Bloomberg can simply purchase. It will then be analyzed to determine how each voter fits into several categories: "strong supporter," "persuadable supporter," or "potential volunteer."

Bloomberg's public denials of any interest in running are getting weaker; he typically says only that he is "not a candidate."

On Monday, he participated in a bipartisan summit in Oklahoma that only fueled speculation about his interest in seeking the presidency.

Take a closer look at Bloomberg.

He has that telltale look of a movie extraterrestrial alien, trying to decipher what causes humans to be be so... emotional.

I've worked on political campaigns with Repub-turned-Dem candidates, and they have that same weird look.

Like they're curious about what makes real liberals tick.

And they never quite understand that whole "I care about the less fortunate among us" concept that drives us.

Whatever Billionaire Bloomberg has in mind, I just hope voters are smart enough to recognize another "there's $$$ to be made with political power" candidate when they see one.

If you want major cuts to local and federal services, Bloomberg's your man.

If you want more deregulation of big biz, you'll like Mike.

If you want to destroy every worker's right to strike, Bloomberg will make it happen.

If you're afraid you'll miss George W. Bush when he adioses the White House, there's always Michael "Just as dumb as Dubya" Bloomberg, famous for:

Bloomberg strongly supported the war in Iraq and the rationale for going in. He stated, "Don't forget that the war started not very many blocks from here" alluding to Ground Zero.

Don't fall for the billionaire's hype. Strike Mike off your list. Today.

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19-- and and


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