Monday, March 03, 2008

Obama Loses: Americans Prefer Clinton's Healthcare Plan

From NPR:

One aim of the poll was to find out how people feel about the idea of requiring all individuals to buy health insurance. That's a centerpiece of Clinton's plan.

When asked whether they would support a broad proposal that would require everyone to get coverage, 59 percent said they would support it. Such a proposal would require employers to provide coverage or pay into a pool. The government would help low-income people get coverage, and insurance companies would be required to take anyone who applies. People who don't get coverage through one of these channels or purchase it themselves would pay a fine.

Wait. There's something seriously wrong with Americans' understanding of the Clinton and Obama plans:

The poll also showed that there is a fairly low level of understanding about what the presidential candidates have proposed regarding health care. Only 48 percent could correctly answer the question, "Have any of the current candidates for president proposed a health plan requiring all Americans to have health insurance, or not?"

Some 42 percent correctly identified Clinton as having proposed such a plan, but only 11 percent knew correctly that Obama had not.

Wake up, America.

We finally have a chance to stop paying for the uninsured, who use emergency rooms for head colds.

What's wrong with people? On an issue this important, people should at least know the difference between Clinton's plan and Obama's plan.

With an Obama presidency, we are so screwed.

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