Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Night's Dem Debate (In Photos)

Disclaimer: These are random AP photos, used in random order, to describe last night's Democratic primary debate in Pennsylvania.

Caption: Goin' to the candidates' debate.

Caption: Damn. I thought my close personal friendship with Ayers would come in handy someday. No luck. She's still breathing.

Caption: They're all laughing at me. It's not fair to ask me about my friends and associates and not about my accomplishments. Oh yeah, I haven't accomplished much in 3 years... But it's still not fair.

Caption: Commercial break! Study time. Maybe I should've prepared more. Maybe Michelle and I shouldn't have let our Illinois Law Licenses expire. What were we thinking? Why isn't Hillary studying? And why is she smiling?

Hey, her notes look better than mine. I don't see any ums and uhs anywhere on her page. What's that about?

Caption: John McCain may be the best of his ilk, but that ilk got us into this horrible mess. I plan to fix it.

Caption: This whole debate thing sucks. I'm too cool to have to stand here and answer questions about my life. People should read my books, damn it. I'm amazing! Maybe if I pray...

Caption: Dear Jesus, don't let the girl win. Smite her for me, please. Smite her good. In thy loving name, I pray.

Caption: Ayers, and Wright, and "bitter." Check. Hm. How long will it take for his people to start calling for the moderators' heads? 5... 4... 3... 2...

And now, the reviews...

Obama's supporters are already blaming the "establishment" -- that is, the powerful institution of the mainstream media -- for the tone of the debate. This sets up a blowback scenario wherein his supporters will rally to his defense and lash out at the media very loudly. But Obama's going to be the next president of the United States, maybe. The most powerful person in the world. And questions about his personal associations, his character, his personal beliefs, his statements at private fundraisers -- the answers to these questions tell us a lot. Sometimes the questions are unfair (( -- nothing about Colombia and Mark Penn -- )), but this ain't Pop Warner; the artificial distinction between politics, personality and policy doesn't exist in this league, and if you're uncomfortable with it, then change the rules or don't run for office.

(Chuck) Todd says there was “a near disastrous performance by Obama in those first 40 minutes” of the debate in which he was forced to talk about his controversial remarks about “bitter” Pennsylvania voters, his troublesome former pastor and his relationship with a former member of the Weather underground. “This debate is going to lead a lot of Obama supporters to ratchet up the calls on Clinton to either withdraw or tone down the attacks. Clinton supporters will point to this debate as proof that he’s not yet ready for the general, that’s why she should stay in, and that’s why superdelegates should overturn the winner of pledged delegates,” Todd writes.

Barack Obama likes to say he can take a punch. Well, he got his chance to test the theory Wednesday night.

And the strange thing is not that he was knocked back on his heels - although he was, repeatedly.

The strange thing is that, somehow, he never seemed to see a single punch coming. He was stunned - maybe out on his feet. That's the best explanation I can come up with.

Democratic front-runner Barack Obama was repeatedly thrown on the defensive last night in a television debate that spotlighted campaign gaffes, his association with a controversial former pastor and a '60s radical, and his reluctance to wear a flag pin in his lapel.

Obama described those as "manufactured" issues and tried to fend off criticism of his recent gaffe about "bitter" small-town Americans by turning it into an attack on Hillary Clinton.

In an edgy debate in Philadelphia last night, Senator Barack Obama found himself repeatedly put on the hot plate both by the moderators of ABC TV and his rival for the Democratic Party nomination on issues including his association with a controversial pastor and his remarks about blue collar voters feeling bitter.

It left Mr Obama sometimes taking a defensive tone at a crucial time in the nomination marathon as Pennsylvania prepares to choose between him and Hillary Clinton in its primary election next Tuesday.

Of course, Obama supporters will scream that he "won" the debate.

Reality isn't their strong suit.

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
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Blogger SUGARTHEGIRL said...

Love this post!!! Especially this:

"Caption: They're all laughing at me. It's not fair to ask me about my friends and associates and not about my accomplishments. Oh yeah, I haven't accomplished much in 3 years... But it's still not fair."

He probably ground his back teeth down to tiny bits! lol Hillary needs to brace herself for the onslaught. We'd all better....

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