Thursday, March 17, 2005

More News From The Land Of DUH!

This story could also qualify as one of my Claude Rains Moments...

I'm shocked.

Shocked to learn that Republican lawyers have been padding voter rolls with names of juvenile offenders and using them to try to unseat a duly elected Democratic governor in Washington state.

Shocked, I tell you!


GOP's felon list may be way off

The list of alleged felon voters compiled in Dino Rossi's legal challenge to the governor's election mistakenly includes people tried as juveniles who never lost their right to vote.

A spokeswoman for Rossi acknowledged last night that perhaps hundreds of the 1,135 people on the list are there improperly because of juvenile cases. --snip--

"They should scrub their list for other errors," said attorney Jenny Durkan, a lawyer for the Democrats. "This is a huge error."

Durkan said Republican attorneys should apologize to the people erroneously listed as voting illegally and amend the list "so these people's names never have to go into an official court file."


Attorneys for Rossi compiled the list of alleged illegal voters as part of his lawsuit asking a Chelan County Superior Court judge to throw out the November election that put Democrat Christine Gregoire in the governor's mansion.

I could be wrong, but I've always thought that juvenile records were sealed (except, of course,when crucial to advancing a Law & Order plot).

Seems to me that adding the names of juvenile offenders, whose privacy is supposed to be guaranteed-- and then publishing them for the world to see-- is probably against the law.

Silly me.

Laws don't pertain to Republicans.



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