Friday, March 18, 2005

This Week's
Of The
Bell Curve


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Man Who Put The (W)HOR(E)
In (W)Hor(E)owitz

(cough) Journalist (cough)

"I cooked this whole thing up"

Obviously a gentle, humble man,
David (W)Hor(E)owitz
poses for someone's camera.

In the nutshell that is (W)Hor(E)owitiz's brain, here's the story...

Horowitz dashed off a sloppy article about some fascist fundie undergrad who failed a final exam because a commie pinko prof forced her/him to write a final exam essay on why George W. is a war criminal.

Horowitz relied solely on hearsay crap from specious sources as his background research.

But an actual reporter, adhering to actual journalistic standards, smelled the Horowitz stink and actually investigated the story.

Hence, the so-called Horowitz apology.

Here's Horowitz' idea of an apology for publishing crap:

So while we apologize for not having fully checked and corrected this story, we conclude that our complaint about the exam was justified. What happened in Professor Dunkley’s class at the University of Northern Colorado is not education, it is indoctrination. And that violates the academic freedom of the students who were subjected to it. LINK

In (W)Hor(E)owitzworld, that's a clear statement of apology, folks!

But like Scarlet O'Hara, Horowitz isn't sorry he published Pure D Crap.

He's sorry that he got caught.


An actual reporter, Scott Jaschik, took the time to find out the identity of the professor in question, cite the specific exam question, and learn the facts from the

What an EEEEVIIIIIIILLLLL thing to do,

Actually adhering to the rules of investigative

David Horowitz was in a hurry, don'tcha

He had to get this homage to his idol, Stephen Glass, published lickity split, don'tcha know?

Of course, David Horowitz can't be expected to know that a decent education involves developing skills in persuasive writing...

Developing the ability to argue both sides of an issue effectively.

Ever heard of the term Devil's Advocate, Horowitz?

How about hypothetical postulation?

Guess not.

Considering that you aren't even remotely familiar with the terms comma splice and apostrophe.

(W)Hor(E)owitzing for BushCo 24/7/365 means never having to say you're a sorry excuse for a journalist and an even sorrier excuse for a decent human being.

Just for fun, trying reading David (W)Hor(E)owitz' Extended Biography, posted on his fascist fundie website.


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