Wednesday, March 23, 2005

White Smoke Watch Update:
No More Hospital Runs

Has a pope ever died in a hospital?

Maybe, but I don't think so.

I suppose that some died during pilgrimages and at least one during combat, but that was long ago...

Before Gawd invented 24 hour (instant) cable news broadcasting.

This Pope won't return to the hospital, even though he's vomiting and suffering from severe headaches.
Pope not returning to hospital, doctor says

Suffering nausea, headaches: Report

Bows out of Holy Week appearances

VATICAN CITY—Pope John Paul II is vomiting, suffering strong headaches and not responding well to his medications, the Italian news agency Apcom reported yesterday.

But the pontiff's chief doctor dismissed speculation the Pope will be hospitalized again.

Quoting unnamed sources, the news agency also reported that
John Paul was suffering from overall weakness as he recovered from surgery to ease a breathing crisis.

But the head of the pontiff's medical team, Dr. Rodolfo Proietti, ruled out media speculation that the Pope's health had deteriorated suddenly and might require a return to the hospital he was discharged from 10 days ago.

"No hospitalization of John Paul II is planned," the ANSA news agency quoted Proietti as saying. LINK


Where to die if you're the pope?

No Brainer.

There are many worse places and many worse ways to give up the ghost than to expire while surrounded by weeping nuns and opulent Vatican splendor.

Good choice, John Paul.

However, I hope your successor refuses to be exploited by the Vatican PR office when his final days on terra firma draw near.

If the faithful are so heartless that they can't function without you being propped up in a window while you suffer in your final days, tell them what the queen said...

And it wasn't "Let them eat cake."


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