Sunday, March 20, 2005

Coming Soon (I hope): Today's Sermon works in mysterious ways...

Today's Sermon is trapped in the Limbo that is

I've been having tons-o-trouble with Blogger this week, and I've been emailing the HTML code to myself and using the Blog This! feature to publish my posts.

Alas, I thought all was well yesterday, when I successfully cast out the plethora of random demons (hundreds of [span]/[font] strings of code, which appear mysteriously from time to time when I move from Edit HTML to Compose to Edit HTML and Preview. I was wrong.

I was able to save Today's Sermon as a draft, but I'm unable to publish it this morning.

I'll keep trying to publish, but, in the meantime...

Here's Today's Meditation:

Keep in mind, when you try to find actual news coverage of local, state, national, and world events-- but find only wall-to-wall Schiavo Feeding Tube stories-- that in 1999, Governor George W. Bush of Texas signed into law the ability of hospitals to remove life support care from patients, over the objections of the family, if they consider the treatment to be nonbeneficial.

Know also that ABC News now has a copy of the GOP Talking Points on the Schiavo case...

...It is an important moral issue and the "pro-life base will be excited," and that it is a "great political issue -- this is a tough issue for Democrats."

When asked about these talking points on "Good Morning America," DeLay said, "I don't know where those talking points come from, and I think they're disgusting."

In this case, the Republican's political wrangling in the Schiavo case does not seem to reflect the majority of American's opinions.

According to an ABC News poll released earlier this week, 87 percent of those surveyed said they would not want to be kept alive if in Terri Schiavo's condition, and 65 percent said a spouse should have the final say in what happens to a patient, as opposed to parents. LINK

Sound and fury, anyone?

DeLay tactics?

Pathetic on so many levels...

And, of course, signifying nothing.


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