Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today's Sermon: Brainwashing,
Holograms & Crucifixion

I guess it takes all kinds.


Most channellings assume Jesus was crucified, for example, so-called Ascended Master Hilarion has referred to some karma being alleviated by Jesus's death in this manner. The Urantia book agrees with this and many other sources (though we may find these are dubious, biassed sources). However, a few disagree. Seth stated that Jesus was not crucified, but that a deluded, drugged person, who believed he was Jesus, was crucified (and three persons were involved in the Christ image). The books by Barbara Marciniak channelled from a Pleiadian group of collective beings assert that the Dark forces have advanced holography and sometimes put holographic inserts into our time track. They state that the crucifixion was such an insert--a very complex one involving a great deal of energy. They stated that Jesus was well accepted.

The most convincing information comes from Anna Hayes' book, Voyagers II. It agrees with the Seth material. Past information from three persons were merged to form the Jesus story. The first one was a 12-strand DNA avatar (12-D) who came to restore the Sphere of Amenti, a spiritual gateway (Bible: the pearly gates of Heaven), and restore the integrity of the Hebrew genetic lineage (hence, 'the saviour of the Jews'). The second person was a 9-D avatar, also a spiritual leader, but this one was in trouble with the Romans. The Elohim, to distract the Romans, acquired a volunteer soul to make a sacrifice. The human lower-self of this soul (higher fractal level), named Arihabi, was programmed to think he was Jesus, and this is the one who was crucified. The resurrection (of the 9-D avatar) was played out using holographic technology. Arihabi, however, because of his sacrifice, was resurrected and lived for another 30 years. The 12-D avatar completed a successful mission and left the planet at the age of 39 via the bridge portal of the Arc of the Covenant (and Sphere of Amenti) in the Great Pyramid; he did not die.

I've actually read a bit of The Urantia Book.

My favorite review of this book echoes my personal opinion of this religion:

Hey, people, go buy an inexpensive dictionary and stop using "big" words until you know what they mean. Then, take a remedial course in grammar. After that, visit and find someone in your neighborhood... Fast!


Go forth today, knowing that there are weirder weirdos in the world than you ever imagined.

And remember that life's too short and way too precious to waste on Snake Oil salesmen.

I mean it, damn it!

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