Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Duct Tape v Duck Tape

To all of you who emailed yesterday, asking if FEMA/ Duct Tape Guy's idiotic recommendation for surviving a terrorist attack via duct tape and plastic caused any health problems, Snopes says, "It is decidedly so."

Had George W. Disaster actually appointed Daniel Paulison (You'll never convince me Bush does anything but PR work), no doubt he would've still been clueless that he was promoting Duct Tape Guy.

Which brings us to today's critically important topic: Duct Tape v Duck Tape.

Here's the 411 on everyone's favorite tool...

Dear Duct Tape Users:

Is it Duct or Duck? We don’t want you to be confused, so we will explain. The first name for Duct Tape was DUCK. During World War II the U.S. Military needed a waterproof tape to keep the moisture out of ammunition cases. So, they enlisted the Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division to manufacture the tape. Because it was waterproof, everyone referred to it as “duck” tape (like water off a duck’s back). Military personnel discovered that the tape was good for lots more than keeping out water. They used it for Jeep repair, fixing stuff on their guns, strapping equipment to their clothing... the list is endless.

After the War, the housing industry was booming and someone discovered that the tape was great for joining the heating and air conditioning duct work. So, the color was changed from army green to the silvery color we are familiar with today and people started to refer to it as “duct tape*.” Therefore, either name is appropriate.

To the reader who spewed coffee all over a new laptop upon seeing the animated duct- taped duck gif in yesterday's post...

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