Saturday, September 24, 2005

Geography 101

Hurricane Rita will be in Galveston today...

(Click Here For Live Cams)

I will be here (with the brilliant Billionaires For Bush street theatre group)...

And George W. Chicken will be here...


Opened in 1962, the Cheyenne Mountain centre is a hugely sophisticated underground complex linked to a worldwide network of US radars and other electronic sensors capable of detecting, assessing and co-ordinating responses to any airborne or space-based threat to the United States or its overseas forces anywhere in the world.
Within the complex separate control centres, each reporting to the Command Director, monitor events within their specialist fields. These centres include the Space Control Centre, the Missile Warning Centre, the Battle Management Centre and the Combined Intelligence Watch Centre.
Totally self-sufficient under threat conditions, the centre can support an emergency staff of 800 for a minimum of thirty days. Backup power is provided by five 1 megawatt diesel alternator sets.

Why is it that George W. always flies westward during national crises and DC protests?

And do Republicans not notice this?

Or do they just not care?

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Blogger Boston-Metro Chapter of Billionaires For Bush said...


It was ever so grand to see you at the protest march! The only problem is that I don't know your Billionaire name. Please let me know asap, darling. Thank you ever so much!

Ivana Moore-Enmoore

10:25 AM  

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