Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Gropenator's Verb Tense Shenanigans

Poor Gropenator (Ahhnult Shhhvartsinnaaagur)! He's Kahhhleeforneeah Dreeemeeenk again!

But wait!

It seems the age old "Let's bash teachers for political gain" trick has backfired big time.

My favorite part: the verb tense shenanigans.

Schwarzenegger Seeks 'Bad Teacher' Stories

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Sep 21, 2005 — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign posted a form on its Web site asking Californians for stories about inferior teachers to support the ballot initiative to lengthen teachers' probationary period.

The form was then removed Wednesday after an Associated Press reporter called to inquire about it. LINK


Name one person who didn't have to put up with a teacher s/he dreaded seeing every day.

That didn't take long, did it?

I hated my 9th grade English teacher with every fiber of my being. She was, to me, the Texas version of Cruella deVille. I hovered at an A-/B+ every 6 weeks and was always shocked to see that A on my report card every six weeks.

That woman scared the shit out of me!

Six years later, when I stood in front of my own English class (as a student teacher), I realized that the Texas version of Cruella DeVille was one of the best in the business.

So, Governor Gropenator...

Consider this fair warning.

Asking kids and their parents to evaluate teachers for you makes about as much sense as electing real estate developers to school boards.

As for that verb tense problem...

Let's add the passive voice and a modal auxiliary:

You, Governor, must be erased.

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