Monday, September 19, 2005

Carpetbaggers At The Gate

What's wrong with this picture?

Besides the fact that the Heritage Foundation's Liberty Bell has no crack, that is...

Yep, that's Tricky Dick Cheney addressing The Heritage Foundation in 2003 (the pic is from the White House website).

You can bet your bottom dollar that any idea conceived inside the cold-looking building a few blocks down Massachusetts Ave. from DC's Union Station will harm great numbers of people and benefit a scant few.

Take this webmemo, called "President's Bold Action on Davis-Bacon Will Aid the Relief Effort," which recommends suspending provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act applying "to federally funded construction projects in the Gulf Coast areas hit by Hurricane Katrina."

Suspend minimum wage laws for rebuilding New Orleans?

That makes about as much sense as drilling the Arctic for 6 months worth of oil.


The Heritage Foundation carpetbaggers recommend that, too.

And now they claim that it will help Hurricane Katrina victims. What are these monsters thinking?

Other Heritage Foundation recommendations:

Tax credits

School vouchers

Don't cater to the wish lists of cities, parishes or counties, states, and stakeholders

Encourage investors and entrepreneurs to seek new opportunities within these cities

Repeal or waive restrictive environmental regulations that hamper rebuilding a broad array of infrastructure from refineries to roads and stadiums

Waive or repeal Clean Air Act (CAA) regulations that hamper refinery rebuilding and expansion

Waive or repeal gasoline formulation requirements under the Clean Air Act so as to allow gasoline markets to work more flexibly and efficiently and reduce costs to the American

Repeal the estate tax

Encourage public/private partnerships "through leasing" instead of constructing new public schools

Eliminate any-and-all barriers that prevent charitable and faith-based groups, as well as uncertified or non-union individuals," from participating fully in the reconstruction

We are all our brothers' keepers.

It's up to us to keep the Neocon Reptiles from raping and pillaging the survivors of Hurricane Katrina!

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