Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Asshattery Alert: Another "Non-Violent Ethnic Cleansing" Measure Passes In Virginia

Who wouldn't want to live in Crackerville, Virginia? Especially now that more and more Virginia counties are passing "non-violent ethnic cleansing" measures. What's not to love? Plenty of empty houses for sale. Lots and lots of white people with "traditional American values." What's everyone waiting for?

There are currently so many houses and condos for sale in Virginia (1921 in Manassas alone) that one can only imagine how desperate builders and individual sellers are right now.

So it's damned funny (as in weird) to see a handful of Crackers, namely some Republican candidates diverting attention away from their party's dismal record, rile up their fellow Crackers so much about "illegals" that they can't even see what's going to happen as a result.

Louden and Culpepper counties have already passed "No Services For You Brown People" measures, and now Prince William County joins them in this non-violent ethnic cleansing charade.

The measures approved yesterday improve cooperation with federal immigration authorities and direct police to check the immigration status of anyone accused of breaking the law if the officer suspects that person is an illegal immigrant. They also would deny certain county services to illegal immigrants, including drug counseling, some elderly services, and business licenses.

With the Nov. 6 election approaching and all of the supervisors up for reelection, the county's illegal-immigration policies have become a dominant campaign issue. Stewart (R) has pushed hard for the county's new measures to be approved before Election Day, angering fellow board members.

At least they didn't pass the "Let's Build Our Own Concentration Camp Illegal Immigrant Detention Center" measure. Probably too expensive.

Real estate blogger JC Manlapaz writes:

My two cents on this matter:

Anti-Illegal Immigration Law will definitely affect the future of Real Estate. Think about this for a minute. If the anti-illegal immigration law is passed by US government without provisions to protect the law abiding immigrants that pay their taxes, that respect and believe in the law and the Constitution, and that have invested in owning their dream homes, I think will have grave economic impact to the Real Estate Market. These people will either start selling their property and flood the market increasing the inventory or worst case scenario leave the country and stop paying their mortgage and property tax, which then could lead to more foreclosure. Thus, it may effect the current prices of homes in the future far more worst than are currently seeing now. I hate to be the pessimist but when reality bites, it may hurt.

Here's my opinion, JC:

There are scads of us legally-born pale-skinned Americans who choose not to live surrounded by bigots; hence, there's absolutely no incentive whatsoever for us to help Virginia solve its real estate crisis, even if sellers are practically giving their homes away.

And you have to wonder...

If the building boom were still in progress, would you even be hearing Crackers complaining about cheap labor?

And I'll bet people as white-skinned as I am don't get questioned about legal status in Crackerville. Ask any of the estimated 500,000 illegal Polish immigrants in Chicago.

'Tis a puzzlement, this weird, weird "illegal immigrant" debate.

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
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