Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Obama/Richardson: Coming Soon To A Bumper Sticker Near You?

Why else would Richardson wait so long to endorse Obama? Appearing to be neutral has always been his strong suit.

Why else would Richardson --normally, a mild-mannered statesman-- suddenly start accusing the Clinton campaign of "gutter" politics? That's the kind of thing your wingman does in a campaign, not just some random state governor.

Why else would Richardson turn his back on the political machine that created his success? I don't think Richardson would do that for another cabinet post; he'd expect to be asked, even without an endorsement.

While I'm concentrating on Richardson's motive, Tom Watson finds the flaw in James Carville's Judas quote:

You're Nothing to Me Now - Not a Brother, Not a Friend

With Democrats like Bill Richardson, do we need Republicans? On the Today Show, the former presidential candidate actually had the temerity to call for "unity" in the ongoing slog to a Democratic nomination - just two days after one of the great turn-coat performances in party history. Richardson, an ineffective and sometimes disinterested and disoriented candidate early in this race, turned his back on the political patrons who plucked him from semi-obscurity and endorsed Barack Obama - well after the New Mexico primary, when his imprimatur might actually have helped the Illinois Senator. Then he went against his national call of only a month ago for superdelegates to vote their states or districts: "It should reflect the vote of my state," he boldly proclaimed - way back then. Richardson now claims that because New Mexico was so close, he's free to abandon those much-ballyhooed principles (thanks to Jane Hamsher for repeatedly pointing this out). He then accused the Clinton campaign of engaging in "gutter politics" - which seemed to suit Richardson just fine when he was being appointed to a series of prominent positions - while simultaneously trying to claim he remains "very loyal to the Clintons." He then tried to extend that criticism of negative campaigning to the Obama campaign, even as he was endorsing it. The man actually believes he's now in the position to bring the two bitter campaigns together! What a strange mass of political protoplasm - equal helpings of rank opportunism and true cluelessness. So today, Paul Begala suggested that if you were hanging from a cliff you wouldn't want Bill Richardson to be the one holding the rope - this after his partner James Carville infamously ridiculed Richardson as a "Judas" during Easter week (he stood by it today). But Carville had it wrong - he picked a competent traitor. For all his faults, Judas got the job done. Bill Richardson is no Judas. No, no, no - he's Fredo.

I agree, Tom.

Well said!

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