Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What did I miss?

Hey, Bozell!

If your group thinks TV is so bad, why aren't you watching the Pax Network or ABC Family or The 700 Club?

And why do you post links to offensive video clips on your freepin' website? Do you think kids aren't clever enough to hack your parental control crap?

PTC Says 'CSI' Is Scene of Crime

L. Brent Bozell's Parents Television Council filed new complaints Monday against CBS for a Feb. 17 episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which the group claims contained offensive and indecent language. In a statement, Bozell said, "The FCC needs to get tough with CBS and its affiliates and send a strong signal that such content will continue to cost them FCC fines, and, hopefully, their broadcast licenses, for their part in pushing television programming into the gutter." LINK

I watched that episode, but I'll be damned if I noticed offensive and indecent language.


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