Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Learn English &Take Your
Birth Control Pills
Or Lose Your Children


Time to check the Bullshit-O-Meter.


Getting rather deep, folks!

Learn English, judge tells mothers

Warnings in Tenn. stir rights debate

By Ellen Barry, Los Angeles Times | February 22, 2005

LEBANON, Tenn. -- A judge hearing child abuse and neglect cases in Tennessee has given an unusual instruction to some immigrant mothers who have come before him: Learn English, or else.

Most recently, it was an 18-year-old woman from Oaxaca, Mexico, who had been reported to the Department of Children's Services for not immunizing her toddler and for missing appointments. At a hearing last month to monitor the mother's custody of the child, Wilson County Judge Barry Tatum instructed the woman to learn English and use birth control, The Lebanon Democrat newspaper reported.

Last October, Tatum gave a similar order to a Mexican woman who had been cited for neglect of her 11-year-old daughter, said a lawyer who is representing the woman in her appeal. Setting a court date six months away, the judge told the woman she should be able to speak English at a fourth-grade level by that meeting. If she failed, he warned, he would begin the process to terminate her parental rights.

''The court specially informs the mother that if she does not make the effort to learn English, she is running the risk of losing any connection -- legally, morally, and physically -- with her daughter forever," reads a court order from the hearing, according to Jerry Gonzalez, the Nashville lawyer who represents the woman. LINK



What's there to debate?

It seems to me that the only debate topic in this sleazy Tennessee courtroom is...

Due Process.

Listen up, Judge Tatum!

When every single one of Tennessee's native-born Anglo Saxon Backside Of The Bell Curve is given 6 months to pass an English proficiency test and proves (male & female, alike) that their pharma-induced birth control methods are working, then we'll debate the merits of your ruling, you Nazi!

Xenophobia is a hell of a thing!

If you don't understand what Mexicans are saying about you in the checkout line, take a flippin' Spanish class...

And we'll test your proficiency after 6 months!

At that time, we'll remove every child from your family if you flunk the language test or can't prove that you're all taking FDA-approved drugs to prevent pregnancy!


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