Monday, July 11, 2005

Sins Of The (Nazi) Grandfathers

Some Nazis escaped prosecution, conviction, and subsequent confinement and/or execution after WWII, discarded their old identities, and sought anonymity in other countries.

Some of them, however, hid in plain sight...

Rove's grandfather was Karl Heinz Roverer, the Gauleiter of Oldenburg. Roverer was Reich-Statthalter---Nazi State Party Chairman---for his region. He was also a partner and senior engineer in the Roverer Sud-Deutsche Ingenieurburo A. G. engineering firm, which built the Birkenau death camp, at which tens of thousands of Jews, Gypsies, dissidents and other were slaughtered en masse. LINK, another LINK, and yet another LINK to 2330 citations

Look, I don't care who or what KKKarl Rove's grandfather was (or wasn't). I don't care that Rove is a Utah Mormon bastard (the out-of-wedlock type, as well as the generic "I'm more important than you" type).

I care what he's done to the country.

I care that the highest officials in the land scramble to protect his ratcatcher ass every time he pulls another stunt.

I care that Rove (or Röverer) has engineered the ultimate American vulnerability to global hatred and distrust on behalf of his employers.

I care that Republicans don't seem to care about how evil this man is.

Heavy sigh.

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