Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wire Hanger Day

Today's the day.

The Senate will vote today to confirm John "Federalist Society" Roberts' takeover of the Supreme W. Court.

And here's why:

If Democrats voted against Roberts as a bloc, it would give Republicans a reason to block the next Democratic president's nominee if they are still in charge of the Senate, Wyden (D- Ore) said. "A sword forged in ideology in 2005 can be used against a progressive nominee in 2009 with an equal disregard for the Constitution and the individual," he said. LINK

Pitiful excuse. Give them another inch, and they'll take another mile, Dems!

Here's how stupid the Wire Hanger Wingnuts are...

I happened onto the Freeperfest accidentally last Saturday in DC as I exited the Navy Yard Metro station, dressed in my stars & stripes Billionaires For Bush yachting togs. Immediately, some chick with a camera and microphone was in my face, asking if I was there to support the president. "Of course!" I squealed gleefully. "President Bush has gone the extra mile to preserve and enrich my lifestyle! And he told me at dinner last week that he would do something about the wretchedly high price of polo pony food! I adore The Little Bush!"

Still not catching on, camera chick asked, "What do you think about those Communists For Kerry marching today?"

"Are they here today?" I asked, wondering why that stale Cold War crap was still plaguing my country. "I'm meeting a few of my own kind for a little celebration of... well, profit sharing, if you will."

Still clueless, she asked how I felt about that Communist, Teresa Heinz Kerry. (They don't seem to be able to "move on," do they?) I explained that Mrs. Kerry was a traitor to her income bracket and that we Billionaires For Bush had long ago washed our hands of Mrs. "Do Gooder" Kerry. Her charity work embarrasses us to no end!

Idiots! And now they're begging for donations to pay for their 200-strong, er, thronglet weekend in DC! Read tomorrow's Blog Box column for the details (link in the sidebar).

Remember, well-to-do women have always had access to medical treatment for "women's problems." They just don't want anyone else to have the same access.

And guess the subject of one of the first cases John Roberts will consider. That's right. "Partial Birth" Abortion.

Time to dust off your copy of The Cardinal and learn to smile when your daughters die in child birth. Or
rent the movie.

Heaviest of sighs.

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