Thursday, June 29, 2006

Freepers Weep Over Scotus' Bush Blow

My favorite comment from this batch of particularly pig ignorant, heartless freepers: "Denny Crane: 'Every one should carry a gun strapped to their waist. We need more - not less guns.'"

Quoting Boston Legal's Denny Crane is like quoting Archie Bunker. If you take either of these fictional TV characters seriously, you're decidedly dumber than dirt.

Remember, readers. These freeper folks are probably your neighbors and co-workers. Watch your back.

Supreme Court Blocks Guantanamo Bay War-Crimes Trials (SCOTUS rules against President)
Fox News & AP ^ | June 29, 2006

Posted on 06/29/2006 7:11:53 AM PDT by pabianice

1). To: pabianice

Bad news. The SCOTUS f****d up, BIG TIME.

6 posted on 06/29/2006 7:13:17 AM PDT by pissant

2). To: pabianice

What an outrage. Big win for democrats.

10 posted on 06/29/2006 7:13:56 AM PDT by Ron in Acreage (VOTE DEMOCRAT--TERRORISTS ARE COUNTING ON IT)

3). To: goodnesswins

Hallelujah!!! Let's chain the moslem bastards together and then push 'em into the ocean!!!

19 posted on 06/29/2006 7:15:49 AM PDT by chadwimc

4). To: pabianice

Take the Gitmo prisoners and move them into the SCOTUS members neighborhood and give them welfare and food stamps too. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

20 posted on 06/29/2006 7:16:04 AM PDT by pissant

5). To: pabianice

Well, Bush has no reason to fear the next "big one"...he's done what he can but every tool to deal with a ruthless enemy is being stripped away.

21 posted on 06/29/2006 7:16:06 AM PDT by zarf (It's not a question.....)

6). To: Constitution Day

From now on we should kill them all where they stand.

29 posted on 06/29/2006 7:16:47 AM PDT by Bikers4Bush (Flood waters rising, heading for more conservative ground. Vote for true conservatives!)

7). To: pabianice

Okay. No more prisoners. Leave them dead on the battlefield.

37 posted on 06/29/2006 7:17:38 AM PDT by atomicpossum (Replies must follow approved guidelines or you will be kill-filed without appeal.)

8). To: pabianice

Oh man this is going to make all the Bush hating leftists and the Bush hating media drool with glee! DAMN!!!

40 posted on 06/29/2006 7:17:51 AM PDT by areafiftyone (Politicans Are Like Diapers - Both Need To Be Changed Often And For the Same Reason!)

9). To: pabianice
The President should shrug it off. As President Lincoln said of Chief Justice Taney's overturning the President's suspension of habeas corpus: "Taney made his decision. Now let him to try to enforce it."

(Denny Crane: "Every one should carry a gun strapped to their waist. We need more - not less guns.")

51 posted on 06/29/2006 7:19:32 AM PDT by goldstategop (In Memory Of A Dearly Beloved Friend Who Lives On In My Heart Forever)
Ahem. Wasn't it President Lincoln who also thought an evening at the theater was a good idea, despite the fact that members of his cabinet declined the invitation to join him?

And I have another question: What battlefield?

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
Judges 16:19--


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