Monday, April 21, 2008

The Kidz Are Alright, Even Without Obama

When Obama surrogates claim that we'll lose the youth vote if Clinton is our nominee, they're either lying or ignorant.

Take heed, superdelegates. Don't be seduced by those who tell you that the sudden swarm of kidz registering as Dems to vote this year won't support anyone but Obama.

Hey. I'm all for the kidz registering to vote and backing the candidate of their choice.

And I'm all for a healthy dose of partisanship, too.

But the kidz who're swooning and carrying on over Obama aren't the only "youth vote" out there.

Obama Girl didn't even make it to the primary voting booth, and a lot of the kidz who actually showed up to vote for Obama just ticked his name and left the building...

Completely ignoring all downticket candidates and issues on the same ballot.

Obama supporters were more likely to vote in the presidential race and then skip the other contests than Clinton supporters, who tended to continue voting down the ballot, a Dallas Morning News analysis finds.

Like, dontcha know?, Duh, it's all about Obama, Dudes.

For Obama kidz, like, who cares about those other fogies on the ballot? Or those, like, retarded issues that have have nothing to do with the price of beer and pizza?

Are the Obama kidz donating money to the Democratic Party, whose fogies use it to target downticket candidates and issues development? Hell, no. It's all about Obama. And only Obama.

For all the success that Democratic presidential candidates have had in raising money — taking in a combined total of over $500 million in the current race — the Republicans are beating them in one crucial area of fund-raising: the money being raised by the parties themselves.

The Democratic National Committee ended 2007 nearly flat broke, with cash of $2.9 million and debts of $2.2 million. Since then it has raised some money, paid down debt and managed to put $3.7 million in its piggy bank. This compares, however, with $25 million that the Republican National Committee has in cash on hand, after having raised $97 million since the beginning of 2007.

That's, like, so lame, for Obama kidz.

Hey, O Kidz. Where do you think Saint Obama came from?

The Democratic Party targeted his Illinois races, Dudes. With chunks of change, donated by fogies who care about your future.

Guess what, superdelegates...

In 2000, the last time both parties had contested primaries, young people were 8 percent of both primary electorates, and they increased their turnout in the elections of 2004 and 2006 over 2000 and 2002, respectively.

So youth turnout is even up this year in Republican primaries where Obama does not appear on the ballot.

And the fact that young voters skew Democratic is nothing new. In 2004, they favored John F. Kerry by 9 points. In 2006, they supported Democrats over Republicans by 20 points in House races and by 27 points in Senate races.

"Whether or not Obama's in the race, the youth vote is going to go up, it looks like," said Karlo Barrios Marcelo, a researcher at the nonpartisan Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement at the University of Maryland. "The question is: How large will the margin be?"

Marcelo noted that when Howard Dean dropped out in 2004, many people asked whether his dedicated young supporters would become disengaged, but they continued to vote in great numbers.

"Young people are enthusiastically supporting Democrats up and down the ballot, as they have been since 2004," said Alexandra Acker, executive director of the Young Democrats of America. "The young voter revolution didn't start with Obama's candidacy, and it won't end with his candidacy."

Cop a clue, supers. Obama wants you to think that he can singlehandedly control millions of new young voters.

That's simply not true.

Best bar bet in the world: Delilah didn't do it.
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Blogger SUGARTHEGIRL said...

Oh my GAWD Delilah! This needs to be forwarded everywhere!!!! Excellent, excellent point!!!!

Especially this:

"a lot of the kidz who actually showed up to vote for Obama just ticked his name and left the building..."

These dumb superdelegates who are backing him assuming that it will translate into votes for themselves are so deluded!

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