Friday, March 04, 2005

Backside Of The Bell Curve Update

This week's Backside Of The Bell Curve Winner, US Representative Jim Gibbons (Scroll down this page), isn't just a vicious hatemonger.

He's a vicious plagiarizing hatemonger...

Nevada congressman apologizes for 'borrowing' speech


CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Rep. Jim Gibbons, R-Nev., apologized Thursday for what he termed the inadvertent recycling of an Alabama Republican's liberal-bashing speech she gave in 2003 - without giving her any credit for the remarks.

In a recent Lincoln Day dinner in Elko, Gibbons, a likely candidate for governor next year, praised efforts of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and accused liberals, movie stars and singers of "trying to divide this country."

"I say we tell those liberal, tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, hippie, tie-dyed liberals to go make their movies and their music and whine somewhere else," he said.


The lines mirrored copyrighted remarks by Alabama State Auditor Beth Chapman in March 2003 at a support-the-troops rally. Chapman said people should support the president and "tell the liberal, tree-hugging, hippie, tie-died liberals to go make their movies and music and whine somewhere else."


Gibbons said "some time back" he got an e-mail with the words but "certainly didn't know the text was a speech or that it was copyrighted. When I found out, the first thing I did was call Ms. Beth Chapman to apologize."

"We had a nice chat and she was very cordial and understanding," Gibbons said, adding that had he known she was the author he would have credited her. LINK

Heavier Sigh Than Usual.


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