Saturday, March 05, 2005

Meet Your New
George W. Pocket Pal!

Color me confused, y'all!

The BushCo administration, which has reintroduced Puritans as a powerful political party in our midst, somehow managed to approve this NEW & IMPROVED nickel...

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Westward Journey Nickel Series

2005 First Design: "American Bison" Nickel

Obverse: bears a new image of President Thomas Jefferson
Reverse: bears a side-view of an American bison, grazing.

Obverse Designer: Joe Fitzgerald
Reverse Designer: Jamie Franki

Obverse Engraver: Don Everhart
Reverse Engraver: Norman E. Nemeth


While I applaud those who teach their children honest lullabies, pre-school lessons in animal husbandry aren't my idea of a fun time playing "Store."

The Polyscifi Blogger explains it all for you...

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Try not to snicker when those guys in that commercial ask, "What's in your wallet?"


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