Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Favorite Freepers

Meet a few of my new favorite freepers:

"Peace Sucks" Guy

"Ass In The Front" Guy

"3rd Place,
Freeper Spelling Championship" Guy

"2nd Place,
Freeper Spelling Championship" Guy

Of course, here's everyone's all-time Favorite Freeper...

"All-Time Winner,
Freeper Spelling Championship" Guy

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be freepers.

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Blogger ToledoNative said...

Oh, man that last one always cracks me up...but my new favorite is the guy who had to caret (sp?) in the 'n' in sanctity.

Yours in proper spelling,

10:37 PM  
Anonymous I on the ball patroit said...

Please pass this on to; "Americans are Dumb", he does not allow comments without signing up.
There may be a bit of wisdom for you also here;

Many Americans are dumb, they are simply a product of their brainwashed existance.
Calling them dumb though is equally as dumb, maybe even more so, as it plays right into the hands of those who wish to divide and conquer us all.
Better to point out and deride the manufacturer of the crippling drug thalidoimide, rather than the defective children it produces.
You might want to consider renaming your site, we need all the help that we can get and I am sure your intentions are good.

7:40 AM  

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