Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bill Bennett, Won't You
Please Keep Talking?

That's right, Bill. Keep talking. You're exposing the entire Republican Bigot Brigade by continuing to open your big fat pie hole.

It's not enough for you to postulate on the possible "positive effect" on the crime rate by systematically aborting every black baby...

Now, you claim your wife does more for black women than the entire Black Caucus does?

What the hell are you smoking, Bill?

BENNETT: Let me just tell you, when it comes to abortion, my wife's program, Best Friends, has kept more young women from having abortions because they don't get pregnant because they take her good counsel...

HANNITY: Let me...

BENNETT: Than the entire black caucus. She has done more for inner city black girls than the entire black caucus. So I will not bow my head to any of these people. LINK

"These People."

That says it all, Bill.

From Drug Czar to Secretary Of Education to obscure Wingnut Talk Radio host...

With such a downhill career path (and $8 million in casino gambling losses), why should anyone bow his/her head to "your kind of people," Bill?

As for your wife's Best Friends abstinence-only youth program...

Why doesn't your wife list a program evaluator on her website?

According to this...

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Best Friends Foundation receives financial support from individuals, private foundations, corporations nationwide and state and federal government.

... your wife's program receives state and federal funding. Hm. That probably means "earmarked funds," managed by either the Dept. of Education or Health and Human Services. Is the program being evaluated according to the regulations of the managing department? If not, why not?

I, for one, would like to see those annual evaluation reports. Right now I'd settle for the bio and credentials of the program evaluator(s).

Citing an "anonymous survey" conducted at the end of the program somehow doesn't satisfy my curiosity. And I know for a fact that it doesn't satisfy OMB requirements. How about GIPRA? (Insiders will know what I mean.)

Accepting fascist fundie faith-based "anonymous survey" data as quantifiable research results doesn't cut it when taxpayer dollars are diverted from reality-based youth programs to your wife's bank account, Bill.

I hope the Congressional Black Caucus launches an investigation of your claims about your wife's program, Bill.

And I hope you keep on talking, Bill.

It's getting more interesting every day!

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Blogger 'Thought & Humor' said...

So we're discussing what Bill Bennett said and people are, you know,
through their various stages of shock and outrage, whatever it is, and
people are, I'm sure, having their own thoughts about this. The thing that
amazes me is, we all get caught up in words and what people say and get
righteously indignant. "How dare that person say that! Who do you think they
are?" Of course, it's all within these confines of political correctness.
Okay. So Bennett is having a theoretical, philosophical discussion with a
caller about abortion, and the caller is making the point that, "Hey, you
know, if all these kids that have been aborted in the last 30 years had not
been and had been born, a good number of them would have become productive
members of society. They would have become taxpayers. We would have had that
much more money in the federal treasury and we might be not having a Social
Security problem or anything else," and Bennett said, you know, you can go
so many ways on that and it gets tricky. You can talk if you abort here, if
you don't abort there, but that's not the way to talk about abortion. We've
got to talk about it on the issue of morality. It's life. It's wrong to
abort innocent life, pure and simple.

He's just following the lead of his caller and in the midst of his answer
to the caller, he said, "Well, you know, it's true, if you aborted every
black baby, you'd reduce the crime rate." He said, "That would be crazy,
it's reprehensible, morally indefensible. It's silly." You don't go there.
There's shock and outrage. "How dare he say that? How dare he say it?" Who
cares what anybody says? It's only political correctness that's gotten into
this place. What about those who are doing that, folks? What about those who
are doing it? Is talking about abortion, regardless what's said about it,
worse than the act itself? Where's the equal condemnation here? How in the
world are we going to sit around and get all worked up and bent out of sorts
over words, when abortion is happening to the tune of 1.3 million a year and
has been for 30 years? Planned Parenthood? Many of you think it's a grand
organization, very worthwhile, doing great work. Margaret Sanger, founder of
Planned Parenthood, called for the sterilization of "genetically inferior
races" in 1939. Who was she talking about? You don't have to ask. I'll tell
you. In 1939, she organized the Negro Project, and wrote, "The poorer areas,
particularly in the South, are producing alarmingly more than their share of
future generations," hence, she called for the sterilization of "genetically
inferior races." Margaret Sanger was the founder of the National Birth
Control League, now known as Planned Parenthood.

She was an advocate of eugenics, improving human population by control of
hereditary factors in reproduction. There was a big eugenics movement in
this country back in this era, in the '30s and they wanted to pick who could
"mate." They wanted to determine who could have children and who couldn't,
and it was based on IQ and a number of other things. They didn't want to
mess around with all these inferior races and inferior groups and inferior
intellects mass producing out there and creating a bunch of idiots that were
going to live off the federal dime or whatever. Now, you can't even say this
about Margaret Sanger anymore. Planned Parenthood says, "You are
misrepresenting what our founders said!" No, I'm not. Take a look at it.
Now, I'm not saying that the Planned Parenthood movement today is a carbon
copy of Margaret Sanger's ideas, but we do know that Planned Parenthood's
primary objective in life is to abort as many babies as possible regardless
of the color. Now, you tell me, folks, where is the sense here in getting
all upset over the words uttered by somebody -- when they're taken out of
context when you first hear about them; hat's the only way you about them
and they're taken out of context -- you get all upset. "I can't believe
anybody would say that." Well, I frankly can't believe anybody, like a
doctor in Arkansas, would actually ask black evacuees from Hurricane Katrina
to come to his office for abortions. Where is our sense of proportion here?
Like I say, I'm through going on the defensive with these bunch of people
who claim to be superior and morally and intellectually above everybody
else. They're the elites?

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