Wednesday, March 30, 2005

If Sister Wendy Had A Blog...

... What would she say about this photo?

First of all, I strongly suggest that the viewer NOT visit the website responsible for this photograph unless s/he is a connoisseur of pornographic images and enjoys the daunting task of PC cache clean up!

That having been said, let's move on to the figures in this image...

Two young men have apparently infiltrated this scant number of zealots, and the young woman sporting an armband of some sort... whose gaze is turned to read the words on a piece of posterboard... is just awakening to the sentiment crudely written on one of the placards.

Note her eyes. Any second now, she will realize that this young man is not a true believer in keeping a brain dead woman alive for her parents to exploit for monetary and rag doll reasons.

"We Are Idiots!" reads the placard in question.

The young woman's own poster has been carefully crafted with copyrighted images of 3 men, whom she has judged to be murderers: O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, and Michael Schiavo. Her poster reads, "3 Of A Kind."

To the young man's right stands his obvious comrade-in-arms, whose placard reads, "Judge Greer = Pooh Head!"

The carnival atmosphere at work in this photo adds to the overall dichotomy of beliefs demonstrated by the various figures captured for our scrutiny.

The woman with the carefully teased and lacquered mullet believes "She Wants To Live!"

The children with mouths agape appear ready to pick their noses and eat their buggers in front of God and creation, a dour life-weary woman with a snow cone treat glances, unmoved, at the young woman as she passes by, and the entire ensemble's Wal-Mart opulence draws us into the narrowly defined existence of these self-proclaimed soldiers of Jesus.

In the end, we are left with the knowledge that at least two young men were willing to risk verbal abuse and potential bodily harm in order to express their opinion of misguided martyr makers.

Your scrivener would like to thank Sister Wendy for her valuable insight into the tiny world of the tiny-minded hospice care protesters in Florida.

Carnival chuckles & assorted sighs.


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