Tuesday, August 31, 2004

From Inside The Kerry-Edwards Campaign...

Bush: Against Winning War on Terror Before He Was For It, Says Kerry-Edwards 2004

8/31/2004 12:45:00 PM

To: National Desk, Political Reporter

Contact: Chad Clanton or Phil Singer, both of Kerry-Edwards 2004, 202-464-2800; Web: http://www.johnkerry.com


Kerry spokesman Phil Singer said: "What today showed is that George Bush might be able to read a speech saying we can win the war on terror, but as we saw yesterday, he's clearly got real doubts about his ability to do so and with good reason.

"This President has gone from mission accomplished to mission miscalculated to mission impossible on the war on terror. We need a leader who knows we can win the war on terror and has a plan to do it. America can do better than a go-it-alone foreign policy that has alienated key allies, leaving U.S. troops bearing the overwhelming burden in Iraq and U.S. taxpayers shouldering the bulk of the cost."



Bush Distorts Kerry's Position. While the Bush campaign continues to distort Kerry's position, Kerry in fact believes that now would be a dangerous time to pull troops out of nuclear- armed North Korea and further fray our alliances in Europe at a time when we need them more then ever. Bush and Cheney themselves have pointed to the need to keep our troops in the Korean Peninsula.

What Kerry said in early August was: "IF THE DIPLOMACY THAT I BELIEVE CAN BE PUT IN PLACE CAN WORK, I think we can significantly change the deployment of troops, not just there but elsewhere in the world. In the Korean peninsula perhaps, in Europe perhaps." Unfortunately, with Bush's failures in Korea and with our alliances around the world, we don't have the diplomacy right at this point. (This Week, August 1, 2004)

Bush: "And I'm not -- I strongly believe we need to have a military presence in the Korea Peninsula, not only to keep the peace in Peninsula, but to keep regional stability. And I strongly believe we need to keep a presence in NATO." (Bush, 10/11/00)

Cheney Said Danger Posed By North Korea Requires U.S. Presence. Cheney: "'In view of the dangers of nuclear proliferation in North Korea and the destabilizing impact on Northeast Asia -- and as a result of our consultations -- we have concluded that it would be unwise to proceed with major U.S. force reduction,' he said. 'We have therefore postponed the next round of force level adjustments being considered for Korea until the dangers and uncertainties of the North Korean nuclear program have been thoroughly addressed.'" (UPI, 11/21/91)


White House Threatened to Veto $87 Billion. The White House threatened to veto the $87 billion supplemental bill. 'If this provision is not removed, the president's senior advisers would recommend that he veto the bill,' Joshua B. Bolten, the White House budget director, wrote in a letter to Congressional leaders." They also threatened a veto if full health benefits were given to TRICARE In a letter to Congressional conferees on the $87 billion bill, "In particular, if the President is presented a bill that authorizes concurrent receipt or military retirement pay and veterans disability compensation benefits, or expands TRICARE, then I would join other advisors to the President in recommending that he veto a bill." (Rumsfeld letter, 7/6/03; New York Times, 10/22/03)


Even in Mid-June, Soldiers Lacking Armored Vehicles. "The problem with unarmored Humvees in combat situations continues to be an issue. In early March, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, questioned Acting Secretary of the Army Les Brownlee about the shortage of body armor and fortified Humvees for troops serving in Iraq. Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., said after a visit to Iraq in mid-June that U.S. forces still need better armored equipment. Of the 15,000 Humvees in Iraq, about 1,500 to 2,000 are armored, according to the Army." On General who was in Iraq said, "we're short of the proper body armor. Everybody had flack jackets and some body armor, but not the new body armor. They showed us the schedule, and said it was going to be done. They was short at that time, I believe, around 1,400 up-armored Humvees that were coming into the country, and the body armor was on schedule. So these shortage will drastically come down, but it does leave you wondering why couldn't we have done this before the war, and we simply didn't." (CNN, 3/14/04; Portland Press Herald, 7/2/04)


Kerry believes in protecting the flag AND the first amendment. As such, he advocates for penalizing flag desecration, but not via a constitutional amendment.

Gen. Colin Powell on a Flag Burning Amendment: In a letter to Senator Patrick Leahy, Powell wrote: "I love our flag, our Constitution and our country with a love that has no bounds. I defended all three for 35 years as a soldier and was willing to give my life in their defense. I understand how strongly so many of my fellow veterans and citizens feel about the flag and I understand the powerful sentiment in state legislatures for such an amendment. I feel the same sense of outrage. But I step back from amending the Constitution to relieve that outrage. .. If I were a member of Congress, I would not vote for the proposed amendment and would fully understand and respect the views of those who would. For or against, we all love our flag with equal devotion. ( Letter to Senator Patrick Leahy, 3-18-1999)

John Kerry on Penalizing Flag Desecration: "As a former prosecutor I know that most flag burning incidents can be prosecuted under existing law. If a person burns a flag that belongs to the Federal Government -- that constitutes destruction of Federal property, which is a crime." (Congressional Record, 12-12-95)

John Kerry on Amending the Constitution: "The Constitution has been amended only 16 times in the 198 years since the Bill of Rights was ratified. No amendment has ever limited the Bill of Rights itself." (Congressional Record, 6-26-90)


RNC Sense of Humor? Senseless!

Have you seen the RNC Conventioneers wearing adhesive bandages with purple hearts on them?

They think they're being funny.

I have a few choice words for Republicans...

FOX Doesn't Care If You Noticed...
0.41 v 1.14

Remember The Fairness Doctrine?

According to The US State Department, we have so many TV channel choices these days that we don't need no stinkin' regulations...

The Equal Time Rule
Under the First Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of the press, radio and television stations in the United States have enormous latitude in their coverage of candidates and elections. But according to experts, one regulation that has remained, and is likely to remain, is the Equal Time rule.

Under a provision of the 1934 Communications Act, if a broadcast station provides time for one political candidate, it must do so for his or her opponents. This provision -- Section 315 of the law -- is known as the Equal Time rule. It states: "If any licensee shall permit any person who is a legally qualified candidate for any political office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates for that office in the use of such broadcasting station."
Equal Opportunities?

Critics have complained that since the Fairness Doctrine was shelved, stations have become less responsible in the coverage of issues. But opponents of the Fairness Doctrine say it was an unnecessary regulatory requirement on broadcasters that other media, such as newspapers, were never required to meet. Since there are now many more broadcast stations than newspapers, opponents say viewers have enough choice on coverage of issues without regulation, especially in an age of hundreds of stations courtesy of cable and satellite television companies. LINK

Which brings us to last night's
FOX NEWS Channel's
RNC Convention coverage...

Fair And Balanced, My Ass!

The moral of the story?

Don't even think about demanding equal time!

The law says you are free to change the channel.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Listen Up, Ya'll! We are not doomed!

If your fastidiously clean undies are in a twist because of the media's misrepresentation of that Los Angeles Times presidential poll, Ruy Teixeira can explain it all for you:
'What that 'awful' LA Times poll really means'

Date: Monday, August 30
Topic: Election 2004

By Ruy Teixeira, Donkey Rising

The Los Angeles Times poll released Thursday August 26th has created substantial consternation among democrats. Not only the mainstream media, but many pro-democratic writers and commentators have accepted the polls' apparent message that the sleazy attacks on Kerry's wartime record have been successful and have allowed Bush to overtake Kerry in the presidential race.

The bad news is that this perception has been widely accepted. The good news is that it's fundamentally wrong.

Let's start with the Kerry-Bush horse-race numbers. While the LA Times poll found Bush's support among registered voters rising from 46% in July to 49% on August 22-24th (and Kerry's support dropping from 48% to 46% in the same period), three other polls by major polling organizations found entirely different patterns.

An August 23-25th Gallup poll of registered voters found Kerry with 48% to Bush's 47%, At the beginning of August, Gallup showed Kerry and Bush tied at 48%. Read the rest...
If you believe that more people will vote for George W. this year than in 2000, I've got a great bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.

If you don't see it, hear it, or read it...
Does that mean it's not news?

MSNBC just reported that, according to the NYC Police Dept., there were over 500,000 anti-Bush protesters in the streets yesterday.

Stay informed.



Sunday, August 29, 2004

Today's Sermon

I'm in NYC today, protesting the squatter in President Gore's White House.


I know you're wondering what's been going on over at the Christian Powerlifting Forum...

"Name: Chris Taylor

Subject: Metal Militia Power wars


Just a quick note to all those who had prayed for me... I weighed in at 273 Got 815 squat after missing it on my second then benched 700 on my second bench, missed third. Going into deadlifts I had no idea how I was gonna end since I was pulling raw and never did that before.. Well funny thing happened,you see all day I was battling the enemy and the atmosphere around me, with all the hate music and satanic attitude I called out to Jesus and rebuked the enemy, then I proceded to pull all 3 attempts to end the day with 4 pr's and a 2200 lb total. My first every 1st place win in a full meet in the 10 yrs I have been lifting full meets and best lifter of the day.. Our God is an Awesome God .. All Honor and Glory goes to him..
Praise God !!! LINK

Saturday, August 28, 2004

George W.'s Medal Mettle

My friend, Walt Starr, happened to notice last week that George W. SlackerSupreme was sporting a couple of ribbons in his TANG photo (the one you send home to friends and family).

Walt just wanted to compare John Kerry's military awards to George W.'s...

Walt found something far worse than a mere comparison of uniform chest candy:

From Manual For Courts-Martial

Paragraph 113. Article 134—(Wearing unauthorized
insignia, decoration, badge, ribbon, device,
or lapel button)

a. Text. See paragraph 60.
b. Elements.
(1) That the accused wore a certain insignia, decoration,
badge, ribbon, device, or lapel button upon
the accused’s uniform or civilian clothing;
(2) That the accused was not authorized to wear
the item;
(3) That the wearing was wrongful; and
(4) That, under the circumstances, the conduct of
the accused was to the prejudice of good order and
discipline in the armed forces or was of a nature to
bring discredit upon the armed forces.
c. Explanation. None.
d. Lesser included offense. Article 80—attempts
e . M a x i m u m p u n i s h m e n t . B a d - c o n d u c t d i s c h a r g e ,
forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement
for 6 months. LINK

Walt says:

This is a photograph published on the Presidential Library site of George H.W. Bush. We can clearly see that in this photograph, George W. Bush is wearing an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (AFOUA) and a Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon (SAEMR) just below his pilot wings; however, on line 24 of his NGB22 National Guard discharge form dated October 1, 1973, George W. Bush has no awards listed.

The photograph above was also included in the information released by the Bush administration: He is listed as a second lieutenant in this photograph, and we know for a fact he earned the wings as he graduated from Undergraduate Pilot Training according to the record. As far as the Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon is concerned, he obviously earned that ribbon while he was an Airman prior to his commission as evidenced by line 24 of the NGB22 filed when he was discharged as an Airman.

The awards listed are the Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon and the National Defense Service Medal, but no mention is made of the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. It also lists his dates of service with units. Other than his time training, he was assigned to the 111th Fighter Intercept Squadron and it’s parent organization, the 147th Fighter Intercept Group. His discharge date from the Texas National Guard was October 1, 1973.

The above photograph had to have been taken some time between his qualifying as a pilot in 1969 and his promotion to First Lieutenant on November 7, 1970.

So what about the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award? In the United States Army, unit awards can be worn on a temporary basis. If you are transferred into the unit that has received an award, you wear that award until you transfer out of that unit. I contacted the Air Force Personnel Center and asked whether the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award was ever authorized for temporary wear. This was their answer:


All assigned or attached people who served with a unit during a period for which a unit award was awarded are authorized the appropriate ribbon if they directly contributed to the mission and accomplishments of the unit.

Additionally, there isn't a "temporary" wear of AF Outstanding Unit Awards for AF personnel.

So to finally solve the mystery of the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, I contacted the Air Force History support Organization. I requested all dates of all awards of the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award received by the 147th Fighter Intercept Group and the 111th Fighter Intercept Squadron. The answer I received was shocking. This unit had received this award only once. The dates of the award are as follows quoting directly from the source at the AFHSO:

147th Fighter Interceptor Group AFOUA 1 Oct 73-30 Sep 75 DAFSO GB 164/77

111 Fighter Interceptor Squadron AFOUA 1 Oct 73-30 Sep 75 DAFSO GB 164/77

This states explicitly that the units received the Air force Outstanding Unit Award for the time period from October 1, 1973 to September 30, 1975. George W. Bush’s discharge date from the 111th FIS and the 147th FIG was October 1, 1973. Clearly, these units did not receive an award of the AFOUA until after George W. Bush had been discharged, and well after the date the photograph in question was taken.

This means, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that George W. Bush was photographed wearing a ribbon he clearly did not earn.

Thanks, Walt!

  1. Courage and fortitude; spirit: troops who showed their mettle in combat.
  2. Inherent quality of character and temperament.
Sometimes, sarcasm is the only way to get through another day with George W.!

Important Phone Numbers For NYC Protesters

If you get arrested, call this number for legal representation.
ARREST NUMBER : (212) 679-6018

If the police visit your convergence space or office, immediately call this number for legal assistance.
SPACES NUMBER : (917) 861-0106

By the way, if the group I'm with, Billionaires For Bush, gets media coverage, you might see me.

Tinfoil Hatters, Unite!

My Tinfoil Hatter friends have been busy the last two days...


John McCain backed off from his support of Senator John Kerry's war service because Cheney is out, and McCain is in. LINK

Reason: George W. Deserter Needs A War Hero beside him. Stat!


Larry Franklin will be arrested (LINK) and charged with spying for Israel because of his Niger Yellowcake (Remember Valerie Plame?) forgery connections.

Reason: If Franklin doesn't either fall off the State Dept. roof barefooted (LINK) or be arrested and held in a secret, undisclosed location, he might be in a position to link Dick Cheney to the Yellowcake scandal.

Theory: Usama will be trotted out in September, rather than October.

Reason: George W. needs a major diversion; otherwise, the sheeple might connect the dots between George W. (via Uncle Jonathan) and the Riggs Bank failure/Sudan tentacles. Stat! LINK

Let me know if you have other Tinfoil Hat theories not posted here (Write "Tinfoil" in your subject line).

Now We Know...

Didn't it seem strange to you that George W. CableNEwsPundit wanted to end the Nixon Swiftboat Liars For Bush media blitz... mid blitz?

Suddenly last week, the Republican talking points changed from "John Kerry didn't bleed enough to earn those medals" to "John Kerry served honorably; let's move on now."

Surely it had nothing to do with this 2 month old story, which suddenly has legs:
Former TX Lt. Gov. Barnes: I Got George Bush in National Guard

Former TX Lt. Gov. Barnes Admits on Video That He Got George W. Bush, Son of a Rich Man, Into the TX Air Nat'l Guard While Kerry Volunteered to Face Enemy Fire in Vietnam. LINK (View "Barnes on Patriotism" Video)

Why has this story suddenly become so important?

Could it be that voters (even those residing in Backside Of The Bell Curve Country) were outraged when George W. Coward refused to accept a letter from a crippled war veteran (Scroll down this page)?

Could it be that Republican minions continue to support outsourcing American jobs and gutting social programs in a time when hundreds of thousands of Americans get pink slips each month?

Could it be that Americans aren't as stupid as Republicans hoped they would be?

I would that it were...

Alas, I suspect that BushCo is seeing a major Veterans Vote Backlash...

Why else would Republicans suddenly tell us that TERRORISTS MAY ATTACK VETERANS' HOSPITALS?

Friday, August 27, 2004

This Week's
Bumper Sticker
Makers For Truth


This Week's
Of The
Bell Curve


Oliver North Minion,
Jerry Patterson

Jerry Patterson, whose
military mentor was
famous traitor, Oliver North...

When Patterson was sent out to confront crippled veteran Max Cleland at the pig farm in Crawford, everyone assumed that BushCo's designated bouncer would naturally be someone with similar war theater experience.

Naaaaaaa... They sent a pistol shooting instructor/ intelligence watch officer to get rid of a severely wounded combat veteran.

Patterson was assigned overseas in January 1972 serving with the 3rd Marine division in Okinawa, Japan. Here, he was responsible for qualifying the 3rd Marine Division on small arms at the Rifle and Pistol range. In 1972, Patterson volunteered for Vietnam duty and was assigned to the staff of the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade as intelligence watch officer. His duty was to effect liaison with the Vietnamese Marines* primarily in Quang Tri, Hong Dien, and Da Nang Vietnam.

Patterson served in Vietnam during last 6th months of Vietnam war, leaving on 26 January 1973, the day of the so-called "cease-fire". After his tour of duty in Vietnam, Patterson returned to Okinawa, Japan and was eventually rotated back to the United States in March 1973. LINK

*trans. Jerry worked in an office, where he made sure that Vietnamese Marines weren't fragged; after all, they were useful props for Republican photo ops!

Jerry served all but 6 months of his military service in really dangerous places, like: College Station, Texas; Fort Sill, OK; Quantico, VA (under Oliver North); and Okinawa, Japan.

From the letter, which Jerry presented to Max Cleland:

We're proud of our service in Vietnam. We served honorably in Vietnam and we were deeply hurt and offended by your comments when you came home. LINK

The moral of the story?

ASS + U + ME = What happens every single time we assume that Republicans understand the meaning of the word honorable.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Blast From The Past

Remember when George W. defended ads produced by 527's?

In 2000, when Bush’s cronies from Texas set up a 527 to slander and help defeat John McCain, Bush thought they were just dandy…

[CBS Face the Nation anchor Bob] SCHIEFFER: Well--but the fact is that you have launched these ads and that your friends have spent $ 2 1/2 million now…

Gov. BUSH: Well, these are--these are…

SCHIEFFER: ...on a, on an ad that you say you know nothing about, attacking his environmental record. I mean, isn’t that just exactly what Senator McCain says has gone haywire in America? Where somebody can come in, spend all this money, no one would have known who spent this money up there, attacking his environmental record if the reporters hadn’t rooted it out? And yet he--these friends may wind up spending more in New York than you and Senator McCain are spending up there.

Gov. BUSH: Bob, there are people spending ads that say nice things about me. There are people spending money on ads that say ugly things about me.

BORGER: Should…

Gov. BUSH: That’s part of the American--let me finish. That’s part of the American process. There have been ads, independent expenditures, that are saying bad things about me. I don’t particularly care when they do, but that’s what freedom of speech is all about. And this allegation somehow that I’m involved with this is just totally ridiculous. It is uncalled for. There is no--no truth whatsoever. This--the notion that this man who ran the ads spent the night in the governor’s mansion--I think Senator McCain just made that allegation--they’re--they’re just not true.

BORGER: Well, Governor…

Gov. BUSH: It is--yeah?

BORGER: ...do you think you should stop these ads?

Gov. BUSH: You know, let me--let me say something to you. People have the right to run ads.They have the right to do what they want to do, under the--under the First Amendment in America.

[Source: CBS Face the Nation, 3/5/00]

In 2004, after getting a taste of his own medicine – but after his creepy swift boat pals have attacked John Kerry viciously for weeks – the President has found religion on reform.

“President Bush will pursue court action to shut down so-called 527 advocacy groups…”
[Source: United Press International, 8/26/04] LINK

Kerry v Bush: How Each Uses
The Word Census

George W. Barnum Bush

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Senator John Kerry

For Immediate Release
August 26, 2004

Statement from Senator John Kerry on New Census Numbers

Washington, DC – Senator John Kerry released the following statement today on the new Census numbers:

“Today’s economic numbers underscore the fundamental choice at stake in this election for the American people: four more years of an administration that puts the narrow interests of the few ahead of the interests of most Americans, or new leadership that will serve as a champion for the middle-class and those struggling to join it.

“Today confirms the failure of President Bush’s policies for all Americans. While George Bush tries to convince America’s families that we’re turning the corner, slogans and empty rhetoric can’t hide the real story. Under George Bush’s watch, America’s families are falling further behind. Family income has fallen $1511 under George Bush – declining for three straight years. 5.2 million people have lost health insurance under George Bush -- 1.4 million people this year alone. 4.3 million people have fallen into poverty under George Bush -- 1.3 million this year alone. All while good paying jobs are disappearing and families struggling to make ends meet are being squeezed by skyrocketing costs for health care, energy and college tuition.

“This election should be a debate about the real issues and about our values – not a campaign of fear and smear. There are real differences between me and my opponent – about real issues facing our families: creating new jobs, making health care more affordable, improving education, reducing gas prices, and rebuilding broken alliances, to make America safer and more secure. Today’s census numbers are more evidence of just how much is at stake.

“The American people want and deserve a debate on the issues – they don’t want mud-slinging personal attacks. To put it simply, when it comes down to it, the American people want us to keep our eye on the ball. I don’t believe that four years of lost jobs, lower wages, higher health care costs, higher tuitions and tax cuts for the few are the best we can do. America can do better and under a Kerry-Edwards administration we will.

“John Edwards and I are going to get this country back on track. We’re going to do the right thing by those who work hard every day. And we’re going to build an America that’s stronger at home and respected in the world.”



Today we got new Census data showing that under George Bush incomes have gone down while the number of people in poverty and without health insurance has gone up. The Bush administration has made the wrong choices for the middle class. John Kerry has a real plan to put the middle class first.

New Census data shows families are falling further behind. According to the new Census numbers:

The typical family has seen its income decline $1,511 under George Bush – declining for three straight years.

1.4 million more people lost health insurance in 2003. Under George Bush 5.2 million Americans have lost health insurance, bringing the total uninsured to 45 million.

1.3 million people fell into poverty in 2003. Under George Bush, 4.3 million people have fallen into poverty – brining the total number to 36 million.

The Bush Administration Has Made the Wrong Choices for the Middle Class

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Reported That Bush’s Tax Cuts Shifted The Burden Onto The Middle Class. The Washington Post reported, “Since 2001, President Bush’s tax cuts have shifted federal tax payments from the richest Americans to a wide swath of middle-class families, the Congressional Budget Office has found.” (Washington Post, 8/13/04)

Health Care Premiums Increased By $2,630 – While Bush Did Nothing. In the United States, the total family premium for health insurance has increased by $2,630 to $9,068. The employee portion of the premium increased by 49 percent. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Bush Has Done Nothing To Lower Gas Prices While Increasing Our Dependence On Foreign Oil. The price of oil and gasoline has increased dramatically since Bush took office. Gasoline now costs $0.46, or 33 percent, higher than it did when Bush took office. The price of oil has increased has increased by 40 percent. While over the past four years, America has become increasingly dependent on foreign oil. In 2000, 58.2 percent of the oil consumed in the United States was imported. That has increased to 61.7 percent today. (EIA, “Overview of US Petroleum Trade”; AAA Fuel Gauge Report; Reuters, 8/24/04)

The Bush Administration Has Defended Tax Breaks For Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas And Called Efforts To Reduce Them “Stupid.” Commerce Undersecretary Grant Aldonas said that Kerry’s proposal to end tax breaks for companies that shift jobs overseas: “It’s a tax system that’s calculated to drive manufacturers offshore, rather than to keep (them) here… It’s the single stupidest idea since the Smoot-Hawley tariffs in terms of penalizing our manufacturing sector.” (National Journal’s Congress Daily, 4/13/04)

Inflation-Adjusted Minimum Wage Has Declined 7.8 Percent Under President Bush. President Bush has refused to support an increase in the minimum wage. Between January 2001 and July 2004, prices went up 7.8 percent. As a result, the purchasing power of the minimum wage went down by 7.8 percent. The Kerry-Edwards proposal to raise the minimum wage to $7 per hour by 2007 would lift a family of four working full-time, year-round above the Federal poverty line. (BLS)

John Kerry: A Real Plan to Put the Middle Class First

A Plan To Cut Costs And Expand Health Care. John Kerry and John Edwards will offer a plan that will take the cost of the most expensive health care cases off of employers, eliminating a real barrier to affordable health care. This will help us cut premiums for families by up $1,000. Their plan will also expand coverage to 27 million more Americans, including covering every child in America.

New Tax Cuts For The Middle Class For Health Care, Child Care And Education. As president, John Kerry will close corporate tax loopholes and use some of the money gained from repealing Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans – families making over $200,000 a year - to pay for tax credits without increasing the deficit by one dime. The Kerry-Edwards tax cuts include a tax credit on up to $4,000 of college tuition; a tax credit to help small businesses and vulnerable workers pay for health care and buy into John Kerry's new Congressional Health Plan; and a tax credit on $5,000 of child care expenses.

Raise The Minimum Wage And Defend And Strengthen The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Today, the minimum wage is currently worth only 33 percent of average American wages – its lowest level since 1949. John Kerry and John Edwards understand that today's eroded wage no longer meet the needs of American families. As president, John Kerry will increase the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.00 by 2007. That will give 7 million Americans a raise, and help millions of families pay for basic needs like education, food and health care. With this increase, parents working full-time will not have to raise their children in poverty. In addition, John Kerry will support and expand the EITC, including expanding relief for the EITC marriage penalty and accelerating the partial refundability of the child tax credit.

End Tax Breaks For Companies Creating Jobs Overseas. Currently companies get special tax breaks when they create jobs overseas. Specifically, under the deferral rules companies do not pay taxes on income they earn abroad until they bring in back to the United States. This encourages companies to create jobs overseas and reinvest the profits overseas to permanently avoid U.S. taxes. John Kerry and John Edwards will end deferral, except where a company is locating a factory overseas to produce for the home market.

Whom should you trust?

The Sky Is Not Falling! And here's why...

Kos explains it all for you, but be sure to check my post script, too!

From The Daily Kos: A diary for those about to commit suicide
by Chris Bowers
Thu Aug 26th, 2004 at 03:36:23 GMT

Sweet merciful crap. Reading the thread about the latest LA Times poll, I thought it was November 6, 2002 around here all over again (or January 20, 2004). And to think that just two days ago a post-SBL Zogby poll showed Kerry leading in 14 out the 16 closest states. To think that within the last week, two polls have shown the race tied--in Colorado after the SBVfT. To think that a post SBVfT Economist poll today showed Bush with an approval rating double-digits in the red, and direction of the country numbers more than twenty points in the red. To think that even Real Clear Politics shows Kerry up by 3.4--and they use the LV models that are consistently pro-Bush whenever possible.

Listen up you soup-spined, knee-knocking numbnuts: no matter how much you seem to enjoy panicking, Bush's poll numbers suck, and it is time for you to learn to deal with it. The LA Times is definitely not a pro-Dem poll. In fact, their job approval ratings for Bush, both national and statewide, are easily the most pro-GOP of any other outfit. Hell, in July, they had Bush at 56/40 approve / disapprove in Florida. Even in the June poll that supposedly was biased toward Kerry, Bush's approval rating was 51/47 pre-Reagan, the second highest he had the entire month of June.

How can anyone call the LA Times, in all of is four glorious datapoints, a pro-Dem poll because exactly one of its datapoints--from June--showed Kerry up six? That defies all reasonable explanation. Even further, how can anyone think Kerry is doomed because one poll shows Bush under 50 and Kerry within the MoE? Incumbents lose in that position far more often than they win. So, even Bush's good news still favors Kerry!

Diaries :: Chris Bowers's diary ::
In 156 out of 180 polls taken in AZ, AR, CO, FL, MO, NV, NH, NC, OH, TN, VA and WV since Super Tuesday, Bush is under 50. Bush's trial heat average from the last five polls from each of these states shows him under 50, and Kerry either leading or within the MoE. In 2000, Bush won all twelve of these states, worth 136 EV's, and right now he is in danger in all of them.

Don't forget!

When polls cite "likely voters," they never tell you that the millions of "disenfranchised voters" (from election day 2000) are NOT COUNTED as being "likely voters."

Oh sure, they voted... or tried to vote...
But their votes didn't count.

"likely Voter" lists contain the names and contact info of ONLY THOSE VOTERS whose votes were actually counted in the 2000 presidential election.

Today's Craft Project:
DIY Campaign Button

Quote Of The Week

"I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors."

Thomas Jefferson

When someone asks you to define liberalism, cite this quote.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

George W. Heartless Snubs
Crippled Vietnam Veteran

Max Cleland Refused Entrance To George W.'s Pig Farm

In Crawford Former Georgia Senator Max Cleland, left, and
former Green Beret Lt. Jim Rassmann, center, approach a
Secret Service Agent, right, on station at the check point to
the entrance of President Bush's ranch Wednesday Aug. 25,
2004 in Crawford, Texas. Cleland tried to deliver a letter
protesting ads challenging John Kerry's Vietnam service
to President Bush at his Texas ranch Wednesday, but the
Secret Service stopped Cleland short of his goal.
(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

While George W. Nero Fiddled
Cleared Brush For The Cameras...

For Immediate Release
August 25, 2004

Kerry Talks Good-Paying Jobs in PA and WI; Receives Endorsement of 10 Noble Prize Winning Economists

Pledges to Create the Quality Jobs that Have Disappeared Under Bush

Philadelphia, PA – Continuing to lay out the fundamental choice facing Americans in this election, John Kerry Wednesday met with workers and families in Philadelphia, PA and Green Bay, WI where he outlined the Kerry-Edwards plan to strengthen the economy and create jobs for middle-class families. Kerry’s focus on the economy came as 10 Nobel Prize winning economists endorsed his campaign for president, saying Kerry has the plan to build a stronger economy in the wake of “George Bush’s reckless and extreme” policies that have endangered our economy.

In a Philadelphia town hall meeting, Kerry specifically focused on his plan to create quality, high-paying jobs, which have disappeared at an alarming rate under George W. Bush – including 81,000 in PA. While Bush’s economic policies have made it harder and harder for families to make ends meet, Kerry pledged today to create good-paying jobs by cutting taxes, reining in spiraling health care costs and fighting every day to strengthen and expand the middle class.

“I believe that when you put in a good day’s work, you deserve a good day’s pay,” Kerry said. “I believe in creating jobs that don’t just let you survive – but let you get ahead. Jobs that let you pay your bills, send your kids to college, buy a house, save a little for retirement and go out to dinner or a movie every once in a while. But today, we’re losing those good jobs and replacing them with ones that just don’t pay the bills.”

From supporting outsourcing of American jobs to turning surpluses into record deficits to putting the interests of HMOs and drug companies over the interests of patients and families, President Bush has turned away from the middle class and the American Dream. While the Republicans will try to hide it at next week’s convention through slogans, soundbites and negative attacks, the president’s record on jobs is the worst since Herbert Hoover.

For the last four years, the quality of jobs in America has gotten worse. We have lost 1.8 million private sector jobs. New jobs being created pay over $9,000 less than jobs that are being lost and are more likely to be temporary or part-time and less likely to offer health insurance. Family income has declined $1,462, at the same time middle-class families have seen their share of taxes and costs for energy and health care go up.

“These last four years, we’ve heard a lot of talk about family values, well, I think it’s time we started valuing families,” Kerry said. “And forcing parents to work nights and weekends instead of being with their kids is not my idea of valuing families. It used to be that families could get by with just one breadwinner, and just one job – but not any more. Now, we’ve got people working two jobs, three jobs, just to make ends meet – always juggling, always struggling to keep up.”

Kerry and Edwards have a plan to create millions of high-quality, good-paying jobs in America. They will end tax breaks for companies that shift jobs overseas and instead give tax breaks for companies that create jobs here in America. The will also enforce our trade agreements to make sure American companies and workers are competing on a level playing field in the world.

Kerry and Edwards will make America more competitive. They will cut health care costs for America’s families and employers, especially small businesses, and bring down energy costs and move America towards energy independence while creating jobs in the process. They will help prepare American workers for the high-paying jobs of the future by expanding access to higher education and fight for overtime pay for America’s employees.

“When John Edwards and I are in the White House, we’re going to bring quality, high-paying jobs back to America,” Kerry said. “Folks who work hard and do right by their families deserve the chance to get ahead. Those are the kind of jobs that built this country and those are the jobs that let you build your dreams.”

At a town hall meeting in Cleveland, OH, Edwards joined Kerry today in highlighting the Kerry-Edwards plan to create new and better jobs in America. Following his event in Philadelphia, Kerry traveled to Green Bay, WI. Meeting with a family and their neighbors on a Green Bay front porch, Kerry talked about his plan to strengthen the economy by cutting health care costs for families and business.



An Open Letter to the American Public
August 25, 2004

President Bush and his administration have embarked on a reckless and extreme course that endangers the long-term economic health of our nation. John Kerry understands that sound economic policy requires a substantial change in direction, and we support him for President.

The differences between President Bush and John Kerry with respect to leadership on the economy are wider than in any other Presidential election in our experience. President Bush believes that tax cuts benefiting the most-wealthy Americans are the answer to almost every economic problem. The Bush Administration’s tax cuts were poorly designed and therefore have given insufficient stimulus to job creation. The principal effect of the Bush Administration’s fiscal policies has been to turn budget surpluses into enormous budget deficits. President Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility threatens the long-term economic security and prosperity of our nation. At a time when our nation should be saving for the future, to pay the Medicare and Social Security benefits for the baby boomers, our national debt is swelling; the social contract that binds one generation to another is being threatened with unraveling. Increased borrowing from abroad–now almost five percent of our GDP–leaves our country, our economy and global stability increasingly vulnerable to changes in sentiments of foreign, or even domestic, investors. At the same time, his policies have exacerbated income inequality, failed to address the real wage declines and rising health care costs beleaguering American families, and ignored the need for critical investments to spur long-term growth.

John Kerry will chart a different course. We believe that he will restore fiscal responsibility. He is committed to making key investments in human capital, such as helping families meet the cost of higher education. He has a proposal that will address the problem of rising health care costs. We believe that he has both the ability and the commitment to work with our allies and trading partners to promote global growth that lifts up workers around the world.

John Kerry is our choice for America’s next President. We hope that you will join us.

Signed by the following recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics:

George A. Akerlof, University of California at Berkeley, 2001
Kenneth J. Arrow, Stanford University, 1972
Daniel Kahneman, Princeton University, 2002
Lawrence R. Klein, University of Pennsylvania, 1980
Daniel L. McFadden, University of California at Berkeley, 2000
Douglass C. North, Washington University St. Louis, 1993
Paul A. Samuelson, MIT, 1970
William F. Sharpe, Stanford University, 1990
Robert M. Solow, MIT, 1987
Joseph E. Stiglitz, Columbia University, 2001

The views expressed in this letter represent those of the signers acting as individual citizens. They do not necessarily represent the views of the institutions with which they are affiliated.


Under George W. Bush, the quality of jobs in America has gotten worse and America has lost 1.8 million private sector jobs. Jobs in expanding industries pay less than jobs in contracting industries and new jobs are more likely to be temporary or part-time and are less likely to offer health insurance. At the same time, George Bush is shifting more of the tax burden onto middle class families, taking away overtime protections for 6 million workers, and doing nothing to address the spiraling costs of health care.

John Kerry and John Edwards have an economic plan to create good-paying jobs by cutting taxes for middle-class families, reining in the spiraling costs of health care, protecting overtime and raising the minimum wage.


Not Only Are Americans Losing Jobs

1.8 million private sector jobs lost; the worst President since Herbert Hoover in the Great Depression. Under President Bush the American economy has lost 1.8 million private-sector jobs, America’s first job-loss President since Herbert Hoover. By contrast, by this point in President Clinton’s first term the economy had created 10.2 million private sector jobs. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

7 million jobs short of President Bush’s prediction. Annual projections in the 2002 Economic Report of the President implied 6 million new jobs would be created between January 2001 and July 2004. Instead, we have lost 1.1 million jobs. As a result, we are 7 million jobs short of the prediction which President Bush made after 9/11, the tech bubble, and the recession. (BLS and Economic Report of the President, 2002. Note the Economic Report of the President projected an average of 138.3 million in 2004. That corresponds to roughly 138.4 million jobs in July; the actual jobs total in July was 131.3 million.)

The New Jobs Are Lower Quality

1.3 million more Americans are unable to find full-time jobs. Since January 2001, the number of Americans working “part time for economic reasons” has risen from 3.3 million to 4.5 million – a 1.3 million increase. That is a 40 percent increase. Many or most of these jobs lack health insurance and other benefits. (BLS)

Jobs are shifting to lower-paying industries paying $9,160 less. Nationwide, jobs are growing in industries with low-paying jobs and contracting in industries with higher-paying jobs. On average, jobs in growing industries pay $9,160 less than jobs in contracting industries – that is 21 percent less. (Economic Policy Institute, “Jobs Shift From Higher Paying to Lower Paying Industries,” January 21, 2004)

Jobs are shifting to industries that are 19 percent less likely to pay health insurance. Jobs in expanding industries are less likely to provide health insurance. 55 percent of workers in expanding industries have health insurance while 68 percent of workers in contracting industries have health insurance – that is 19 percent less. (Economic Policy Institute, “Jobs Shift Away from Industries that Provide Health Insurance to Their Workers,” May 12, 2004)

Real wages fell 1.0 percent in the last year and are now lower than they were when the economic recovery began. In the last year average hourly earnings have increased 1.9 percent. That is not enough to keep up with inflation, which has increased 3.0 percent. As a result, real earnings have fallen 1.0 percent in the last year. (BLS)

Wage growth has slowed, reaching the lowest levels on record… When George Bush took office, wages were growing at 3.8 percent a year. Wage growth has fallen steadily throughout his term, falling to 1.9 percent rate in the last year. Dollar wages grew only 1.5 percent in 2003, the lowest rate on record (data go back to 1964). (BLS)

While inflation has risen. While wages growth has been slowing, price growth has been picking up. Inflation has gone up at a 4.1 percent annual rate this year, higher than when Bush came into office. (BLS)

Real wages are now lower than they were in December 2001 when the recovery technically began. Wages are now lower than they were in the first month of the recovery, December 2001. Real average hourly earnings (in 1982 dollars) fell from $8.24 in December 2001 to $8.23 in July 2004. Real average weekly earnings (in 1982 dollars) fell from $279.28 in December 2001 to $277.30 in July 2004.

64 percent of the jobs created in the last year are in industries that pay below average wages. 64 percent of the jobs created in the last year were in industries that pay less than $15.40 an hour, the median wage of industries. (Analysis of BLS data)

Independent analysts have also found that the large majority of the jobs are in low-paying industries:

Morgan Stanley: “It turns out that fully 81 percent of total job growth over the past year was concentrated in low-end occupations.” (Morgan Stanley, 7/9/04)

Merrill Lynch: “Almost 90 percent of the net new jobs created in the 10 months have been in relatively low-wage industries – where income gains are growing three percentage points slower than the average wage growth.” (Merrill Lynch, 7/9/04)

Economy.com: “Since jobs growth resumed last summer, employment gains have been measurably stronger in low wage industries than in high wage industries…nearly two-thirds are in low wage and only one-third in high-wage industries.” (Economy.com, July 2004)

Family income has declined $1,462 under President Bush. Under President Bush the typical family has seen its inflation-adjusted income decline by $1,462 based on the most recent data showing the change from 2000 to 2002. Under President Clinton the typical family saw its inflation-adjusted income rise by $7,202. (Census)


John Kerry and John Edwards have a plan to create good paying jobs:

Create jobs. The Kerry-Edwards plan will create jobs by ending tax breaks for companies that shift jobs overseas and creating tax breaks for companies that create jobs here in America. They will support a New Jobs Tax Credit to encourage job creation. And they will enforce our trade agreements and end China’s manipulation of its currency.

Restore confidence by cutting the budget deficit. The Kerry-Edwards plan will restore fiscal discipline by paying for all proposals, reining in spending, and cutting the deficit in half in four years. This will increase confidence in the economy, boosting hiring and economic growth.

John Kerry and John Edwards have a plan to make health care more affordable for America’s families and for America's employers. Their plan includes tax credits to help small businesses pay for health insurance, and a swap in which the government will assume most of the cost of catastrophic healthcare (care costing above $50,000) if companies agree to extend high-quality health care to their employees. The Kerry-Edwards plan will cut premiums by up to $1,000.

Cut energy costs and move America towards energy independence. John Kerry and John Edwards support a comprehensive agenda to advance the use of renewable energy sources and new energy technologies, and promote more energy-efficient cars and buildings - a forward-thinking plan that will reduce pressure on businesses over the long run.

Create universal access to four years of college through the College Opportunity Tax Credit. As president, John Kerry will propose a tax credit on up to $4,000 of tuition for four years of college, making college accessible for all Americans. This is a crucial step towards training the workforce of the future to secure and create the higher-paying jobs of tomorrow.

Raise the minimum wage. Today, the minimum wage is currently worth only 33 percent of average American wages - its lowest level since 1949. John Kerry and John Edwards understand that today's eroded wage no longer meet the needs of American families. As president, John Kerry will increase the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.00 by 2007. That will give 7 million Americans a raise, and help millions of families pay for basic needs like education, food and health care. With this increase, parents working full-time will not have to raise their children in poverty.

Fight for overtime protections. George Bush’s new overtime regulations will take overtime protections away from 6 million workers, threatening their pay. John Kerry and John Edwards will fight for overtime pay for America’s employees.

Just keep clearin' that brush and smilin' for th' cam'ra, George W.!

While George W. Was Sleeping...

While George W. relaxed at the pig farm in Crawford today, pretending to write his RNC Convention speech and refusing to be bothered by the arrival of Max Cleland and Jim Rassman, John Kerry addressed the American public-at-large... and all three major cable news networks actually carry it live.

In case you missed it, Kerry's address today centered on the major themes of this campaign press release:

For Immediate Release
August 25, 2004

Administration’s Failures Set Conditions for Abuse

Failure of Leadership at Highest Levels: “The abuses were not just the failure of some individuals to follow known standards, and they are more than the failure of a few leaders to enforce proper discipline. There is both institutional and personal responsibility at higher levels.” (Schlesinger, pg. 5)

Failure of Planning: “Once it became clear in July 2003 there was a major insurgency growing in Iraq and the relatively benign environment projected for Iraq was not materializing, senior leaders should have adjusted the plan from what had been assumed to be a stability operation and a benign hand off of detention operations to the Iraqis.” (Schlesinger, pg. 47)

Failure of the Secretary of Defense: “Responsible leaders who could have set in motion the development of a more effective alternative course of action extend up the command chain (and staff), to include the …Office of the Secretary of Defense.” (Schlesinger, pg. 47)


“The military police were not trained … or equipped”: “In particular, the military police were not trained, organized, or equipped to meet the new challenges.” (Schlesinger, pg. 53)

“Mobilization and training inadequacies”: “Mobilization and training inadequacies for the MP units occurred during the various phases of employment, beginning with peacetime training, activation, arrival at the mobilization sight, deployment, arrival in theater and follow-on operations.” (Schlesinger, pg. 53)

Under-resourced and without cohesion. “Both MI and MP units were seriously under-resourced and lacked unit cohesion and mid-level leadership. The reserve MP units had lost senior noncommissioned officers and other personnel through rotations back to the U.S. as well as reassignments to other missions in the theater. (Schlesinger , pg. 74)

“Only a one-day training”: “The senior Army and Navy dog handlers indicated they had not previously worked in a prison environment and received only a one-day training session on scout and search for escaped Enemy Prisoners of War. The Navy handler stated that upon arrival at Abu Ghraib he had not received an orientation on what was expected from his canine unit nor what was authorized or not authorized.” (Schlesinger , pg. 76)

“Difficulty gaining access to … tactics, techniques, and procedures”: “…newly arrived units had difficulty gaining access to the necessary documentation on tactics, techniques, and procedures to train their personnel on the MP essential tasks of their mission. A prime example is that relevant Army manuals and publications were available on-line, but personnel did not have access to computers or the Internet.” (Schlesinger, pg. 55)

“Inexperienced and untrained personnel often yielded poor intelligence”: “At the fixed detention centers such as Abu Ghraib, lack of resources and shortage of more experienced senior interrogators impeded the production of actionable intelligence. Inexperienced and untrained personnel often yielded poor intelligence. Interpreters, particularly, were in short supply, contributing to the backlog of detainees to be interrogated.” (Schlesinger, pg. 67)

“Not trained … thinly stretched”: “The 372nd soldiers were not trained for prison guard duty and were thinly stretched in dealing with the large number of detainees. With little experience to fall back on, the company commander deferred to non commissioned officers who had civilian correctional backgrounds to work the night shift.” (Schlesinger, pg. 75)

Poor training and other factors led to abuse: “A cursory examination of situational variables present at Abu Ghraib indicates the risk for abusive treatment was considerable. …problematic conditions at Abu Ghraib…include such factors as poor training, under nearly daily attack, insufficient staffing, inadequate oversight, confused lines of authority, evolving and unclear policy, and a generally poor quality of life. The stresses of these conditions were certainly exacerbated by delayed troop rotations and by basic issues of safety and security.” (Schlesinger , Appendix G, pg. 7)

A lack of equipment caused casualties: “MP detention units will need to be equipped for combat. Lack of crew-served weapons, e.g., machine guns and mortars, to counter external attacks resulted in casualties to the detainee population as well as to friendly forces.” (Schlesinger, pg. 58)


No Clear Mission

No clear mission: “Leaders of inspected reserve units stated in interviews that they did not receive a clear mission statement prior to mobilization and were not notified of their mission until after deploying.” (Schlesinger, pg. 55)

Unprepared for Conditions at Hand

Department of Defense completely unprepared: “Military police and interrogators who had previous experience in the Balkans, Guantanamo and Afghanistan found themselves, along with increasing numbers of less-experienced troops, in the midst of detention operations in Iraq the likes of which the Department of Defense had not foreseen.” (Schlesinger, pg. 28)

Forgetting “Lessons Learned”: “The requirements for successful detainee operations following major combat operations were known by U.S. forces in Iraq. After Operations Enduring Freedom and earlier phases of Iraqi Freedom, several lessons learned were captured in official reviews and were available on-line to any authorized military user...However, there is no evidence that those responsible for planning and executing detainee operations, in the phase of the Iraq campaign following the major combat operations, availed themselves of these 'lessons learned' in a timely fashion.” (Schlesinger, pg. 30)

Personnel Shortages

Outnumbered: “The detainee population of approximately 7,000 out-manned the 92 MPs by approximately a 75:1 ratio.” (Schlesinger, pg. 60)

A shortfall of needed personnel at all levels: “A shortfall of properly trained human intelligence personnel to do tactical interrogation of detainees existed at all levels…No doctrine existed to cover segregation of detainees whose status differed or was unclear, nor was there guidance on timely release of detainees no longer deemed of intelligence interest.” (Schlesinger, pg. 63)

“Never fully resourced”: “We note that CJTF-7 Headquarters was never fully resourced to meet the size and complexity of its mission. At one point, CJTF-7 Headquarters had only 495 of the 1,400 personnel authorized. The command was burdened with additional complexities associated with its mission to support the Coalition Provisional Authority.” (Schlesinger, pg. 49)


“Slow to recognize and adapt to the insurgency”: “In Iraq the U.S. commanders were slow to recognize and adapt to the insurgency that erupted in the summer of 2003.” (Schlesinger, pg. 28)

Blind to the need of more MPs: “The change in the character of the struggle signaled by the sudden spike in U.S. casualties in June, July and August 2003 should have prompted consideration of the need for additional MP assets.” (Schlesinger, pg. 48)

“More robust options should have been considered sooner”: “The fact that the detention operation mission for all of Iraq is now commanded by a 2-star general who reports directly to the operational commander, and that 1900 MPs, more appropriately equipped for combat, now perform the mission once assigned to a single under-strength, poorly trained, inadequately equipped, and weakly-led brigade, indicated more robust options should have been considered sooner.” (Schlesinger, pg. 51)

An outdated doctrine: “The doctrine of yesterday’s battlefield does not satisfy the requirements of today’s conflicts.” (Schlesinger, pg. 57)

A failure to search for alternatives: “There was ample evidence in both Joint and Army lessons learned that planning for detention operations for Iraq required alternatives to standard doctrinal approaches.” (Schlesinger, pg. 48)


I hope George W. enjoyed his nap today. </sarcasm>

Obviously, John Kerry Controls
The Wayback Machine!

Sherman: "Quick! Set the

Wayback Machine, Mr. Peabody!"


I showed you that cartoon from 1959 in order to explain this picture:

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry,
D-Mass., relaxes with his puppy V.C.,
while stationed in the Mekong Delta in 1969,
during the Vietnam War.
(AP Photo/Courtesy of John Kerry)

Actually, I showed you the cartoon and the Kerry photo in order to prepare you for the Reverend Moon's next Nixon-Swiftboat-Liars-For-Bush attack...

Did John Kerry tell Mr. Peabody to set the Wayback Machine and have his picture taken with a dog just to make The Moonie Times look foolish?

Reverend Moon's Washington Times must think so:

Inside the Beltway
From the Nation/Politics section
John McCaslin

A new four-legged angle -- actually a dog named "VC" -- has suddenly materialized surrounding Sen. John Kerry's swift boat service in Vietnam.
In a 2004 presidential candidate questionnaire for Humane USA, Mr. Kerry was asked whether any pets have had an impact on his life.
"I have always had pets in my life, and there are a few that I remember very fondly," Mr. Kerry replied. "When I was serving on a Swift Boat in Vietnam, my crewmates and I had a dog we called VC."


No military records on Mr. Kerry's Web site, which aides say is a complete accounting, mention a mine exploding under his boat or any dog. The only report of a mine detonating "near" Mr. Kerry's PCF 94 was March 13, 1969, when Mr. Kerry says he was injured and a man knocked overboard. LINK

A mine explosion...

In the water?
When a mine explodes near your Swiftboat in the water on planet Oh Right Sure, it must not affect any nearby Swiftboats.

Oh, and...

About that dog?

Unless John Kerry used the Wayback Machine, that dog really was in Vietnam with John Kerry.

It's getting weirder and weirder, folks!

Caught Lying Again!

Note the blanks filled in by the "lessee" on these forms before you read the press release issued on Saturday by Nixon's-Swiftboat-Liars-For-Bush...

(Click To Enlarge Image)

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Disavow Florida Political Flyer

For Immediate Release

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Disavow Florida Political Flyer

August 21, 2004 - Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT), a non-partisan group representing more than 250 Swift Boat veterans who served with Senator John Kerry in Vietnam, repudiates and disassociates itself from the flyer that was allegedly distributed in Florida regarding an upcoming political event. SBVT has not authorized any such rallies, communications, events or other similar political activities with any political party, candidate or other political organization. Any suggestion that SBVT coordinated the production and distribution of this flyer promoting an event, or the event itself, with a political party is false.

SBVT is an independent organization dedicated to correcting the false statements made by Senator Kerry about his service record in Vietnam and the service records of the men who served with him. SBVT acts independently from and is not affiliated with any political party ? Republican, Democratic, or independent ? or any candidate for public office. Only the SBVT Executive Committee, comprised of men who served on Swift Boats in Vietnam, has the authority to authorize communications on behalf of the organization or official events. LINK

I'd laugh if this Nixon-Swiftboat-Liars-For-Bush crap didn't smack of the creeping shadow of fascism.

Heavy sigh.

The NYTimes shouts,
"Me, Too! Me, Too!"

Oh, the dominoes, they are a'falling...

Swift Boats and the Texas Nexus

Published: August 25, 2004

President Bush should stop evading responsibility and unequivocally condemn the attacks on Senator John Kerry's Vietnam War service that are being orchestrated by negative-campaign specialists deep in the heart of the Texas Republican machine. Mr. Bush says that Mr. Kerry's record is admirable and something to be proud of. Yet he allows these politically useful ads to continue spreading unfounded charges that Mr. Kerry fabricated his medal-winning experience as a Swift boat commander.

The attempt to contradict the federal government's own records about Mr. Kerry's record is the work of a transparently partisan group led by a longtime Kerry antagonist, John O'Neill, a Swift boat veteran recruited by the Nixon White House to counter Mr. Kerry's denunciations of the war when he returned from Vietnam. The operation's start-up money came from big-money Texas donors long supportive of Bush political causes; some principals have ties to the "independent" attack ads that blindsided another Vietnam veteran, Senator John McCain, in his 2000 primary contest with Mr. Bush....


Senator Kerry invited debate on his war service by making it a keystone of his campaign. But that means fair debate. Some of the veterans in the ads criticizing Mr. Kerry have praised his courage in the past. No one has offered evidence to contradict the record. By failing to condemn the ads, Mr. Bush leaves the impression that he condones this effort to turn the historical record into a partisan blur. LINK

Way too little, NYTimes.

Way too late, NYTimes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Finally! Editors get it!

These Charges Are False ...
Aug 24, 2004

It's one thing for the presidential campaign to get nasty but quite another for it to engage in fabrication.

The technique President Bush is using against John F. Kerry was perfected by his father against Michael Dukakis in 1988, though its roots go back at least to Sen. Joseph McCarthy. It is: Bring a charge, however bogus. Make the charge simple: Dukakis "vetoed the Pledge of Allegiance"; Bill Clinton "raised taxes 128 times"; "there are [pick a number] Communists in the State Department." But make sure the supporting details are complicated and blurry enough to prevent easy refutation.

Then sit back and let the media do your work for you. Journalists have to report the charges, usually feel obliged to report the rebuttal, and often even attempt an analysis or assessment. But the canons of the profession prevent most journalists from saying outright: These charges are false. As a result, the voters are left with a general sense that there is some controversy over Dukakis' patriotism or Kerry's service in Vietnam. And they have been distracted from thinking about real issues (like the war going on now) by these laboratory concoctions.

It must be infuriating to the victims of this process to be given conflicting advice about how to deal with it from the same campaign press corps that keeps it going. The press has been telling Kerry: (a) Don't let charges sit around unanswered; and (b) stick to your issues: Don't let the other guy choose the turf.

At the moment, Kerry is being punished by the media for taking advice (b) and failing to take advice (a). There was plenty of talk on TV about what Kerry's failure to strike back said about whether he had the backbone for the job of president — and even when he did strike back, he was accused of not doing it soon enough. But what does Bush's acquiescence in the use of this issue say about whether he has the simple decency for the job of president? LINK

These guys are georgewbushed!

MoveOn, Mobilizing the A-List Against W

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer

A celebrity-saturated effort to defeat the president kicks into high gear tonight in New York with a premiere featuring music by Moby, the Roots and Natalie Merchant, and appearances by actor Kevin Bacon, Boom, liberal radio hosts Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo and onetime candidate Howard Dean. The opening-night glitter is designed to publicize the forthcoming MoveOn advertising campaign, which includes all manner of famous people.

Actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos gets behind the wheel of a car and stars in an ad, co-authored by Norman Mailer's son, called "Stranded Republicans." Woody Harrelson writes, directs and stars in "Cheney Is Not on Our Side." Martin Sheen, the "West Wing" president, voices a spot written by John Sayles.

The list goes on. Margaret Cho stars in an ad she wrote, while Matt Damon voices a spot called "The Disappeared." Actor-turned-activist Rob Reiner directs and voices "The Mistake," while Illeana Douglas and Ione Skye appear in an ad written by Franken. Scarlett Johanssen, Ed Asner and Bacon provide the voices for an animated spot called "Who Profits?" LINK


Kerry, in N.Y., Accuses GOP of 'Smear'

NEW YORK -- Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accused the Republicans of "fear and smear" negative tactics Monday and said they would offer only empty slogans rather than real plans to help most Americans in their national convention here next week.

"They have obviously decided that some people will believe anything, no matter how fictional or how far-fetched, if they just repeat it often enough. That's how they have run their administration, that's how they're running their campaign, and that's how they will run their convention," Kerry said.
"Next week at Madison Square Garden, the Republican convention will focus on slogans, excuses and attack politics," Kerry said. "And mark my words, they'll bend over backward with last minute proposals and last minute promises to make up for all they haven't done and to pretend they're not who they are." LINK

To: America
From: Senator John F. Kerry

For Immediate Release
August 24, 2004

Top Quid Pro Quos of the Bush Administration

John Kerry: “For four years, we’ve heard a lot of talk in Washington about values. But values are not just words. They’re what we live by. They’re the choices we make. … Every step of the way, George W. Bush has put the narrow interests of the few ahead of the interests of most Americans.”

Pharmaceutical Industry

WHAT THEY GAVE: Pharmaceutical Industry Have Given Millions to Bush. The pharmaceutical industry gave nearly $1.4 million to Bush in 2000, including nearly $450,000 directly to his campaign and $950,000 to his inaugural fund. The pharmaceutical industry has given over $840,000 to Bush-Cheney in 2004. (Center For Responsive Politics, www.crp.org )

WHAT THEY GOT: Bush Medicare Policy Grab Bag for Corporate Special Interests. The administration plan is larded with perks for private companies that increase the cost of Medicare and hurt seniors. The legislation made it illegal for Medicare to bargain over price with drug companies, which will add an additional $139 billion in corporate profits to the cost of the bill, according to Ben Peck of the Medicare Rights Center. Bush and GOP leaders overrode a majority in the House to block the re-importation of cheaper drugs from Canada, which would have cut 40 to 60 percent off the cost. Bush’s Medicare plan also made it illegal for the government to negotiate the price of prescription drugs. (Medicare Rights Center, 11/7/03; Washington Post, 11/21/03; NY Times, 2/3/04; The Hill, 11/19/03; The Times Union, 12/12/03; USA Today, 11/25/03)

Insurance Industry

WHAT THEY GAVE: Insurance Industry Contributed Heavily to Bush. The insurance industry supported Bush heavily in 2000, and it is doing so again in 2004. The industry was the No. 10 contributor of hard money to the Bush campaign, giving over $1.6 million and includes 14 Pioneers. So far in 2004 the industry has given over $2.6 million and producing eight Pioneers and four Rangers. (Bush’s Campaign Ads…Brought To You By Special Interests, Public Citizen, 3/04)

WHAT THEY GOT: Bush Has Repeatedly Rewarded Insurance Companies For Their Patronage. Bush’s Medicare bill gives $46 billion in subsidies to HMOs and PPO providers to induce them offer private plans to Medicare recipients. Bush successfully derailed a Patients’ Bill of Rights in 2001, achieving the objective of the insurance industry Health Benefits Coalition to “get nothing,” as its chairman put it. He also watered down medical privacy regulations that the insurance industry opposed and proposes malpractice reform that would be heavily tilted to the interests of the insurance industry. (New York Times, 2/3/04, 3/20/04, 8/1/01, 2/21/01; National Journal, 6/12/01; Washington Times, 6/13/01; Hartford Courant, 1/25/02; LA Times, 3/24/0; Weiss Ratings, 6/3/03; American Insurance Association Press Release, 3/13/02, www.aiadc.org )

Electric Utilities

WHAT THEY GAVE: Electric utilities gave $13 million to Republicans in the 2000 election cycle. FirstEnergy President Anthony Alexander, TXU Chairman Erle Nye and Thomas Kuhn, head of the industry’s main trade group, were named Pioneers in 2000. The coal industry contributed $110,000 to Bush’s presidential campaign in 2000, making him the industry’s top recipient. The electric utility industry gave Bush $447,000 in PAC and individual contributions during his 2000 presidential campaign. So far, electric utilities have given over $860,000 to Bush-Cheney ’04. (Center for Responsive Politics, www.crp.org ; Bush’s Campaign Ads…Brought To You By Special Interests, Public Citizen, 3/04)

WHAT THEY GOT: Bush Administration Relaxed Clean Air Rules, Saving Companies Millions. In August 2003, the Bush administration eased the “New Source Review” regulation of the Clear Air Act. The changes allowed older coal fired power plants and other facilities to avoid installing pollution controls when they expand or repair. The rule applies to about 20,000 facilities nationwide that are considered major polluters. The Washington Post reported that “the relaxing of regulatory rules is likely to save utilities and others hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars.” (Baltimore Sun, 8/28/03; Chicago Tribune, 8/28/03; LA Times, 8/28/03; WP, 8/28/03)

Oil And Gas Industry

WHAT THEY GAVE: In the 2000 election cycle, the oil and gas industry contributed over $1.8 million to George W. Bush’s election campaign. 2000 Pioneer and longtime Bush associate Don Evans, former chairman of the oil company Tom Brown Inc., was appointed Secretary of the Commerce Department. At least a dozen oil and gas industry officials were named to the transition teams at the Energy and Interior departments as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. So far, the oil and gas industry have given over $2 million to Bush-Cheney ’04. (Center for Responsive Politics, www.crp.org ; Bush’s Campaign Ads…Brought To You By Special Interests, Public Citizen, 3/04)

WHAT THEY GOT: Unfettered Access to Cheney’s Energy Task Force. According to the Washington Post, “A first review of the 11,000 pages of documents bolsters the contention of Democratic lawmakers and environmental groups that the Bush administration relied almost exclusively on the advice of executives from utilities and producers of oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy while a White House task force drafted recommendations that would vastly increase energy production.” (Washington Post, 3/26/02)

WHAT THEY GOT: American Petroleum Institute Got “Wish List” Incorporated Into Energy Plan. Nine days before Bush’s inauguration, energy industry lobbyists gathered in the American Petroleum Institute’s offices to make a “wish list” for the Bush energy plan. The list was forwarded to the Bush energy transition team, and eventually to the energy task force, where it was incorporated into the Bush administration energy plan. (Newsweek, 5/10/01; New York Times, 5/10/01; 5/20/01; USA Today, 5/14/01; ABC News, World News Tonight, 5/22/01; Washington Post, 5/17/01, 3/26/02)

Companies That Outsource

WHAT THEY GAVE: 37 Bush-Cheney Pioneers and Rangers are Outsourcers. Between the 2000 and 2004 campaigns, a total of 14 outsourcers pledged to raise $200,000 (Bush Rangers) and 23 pledged to raise $100,000 (Bush Pioneers) for the Bush-Cheney campaign. The Bush campaign received $5.1 million from corporate executives who are sending American jobs abroad. (Economy.com, Los Angeles Times, 2/10/04; New York Times, 10/6/03; www.whitehouseforsale.org )

WHAT THEY GOT: More Than a Million Jobs Sent Overseas Under Bush. Since Bush took office, up to 1.2 million jobs have been sent overseas. Yet, in 2004, the President’s annual economic report claimed that outsourcing is good for America. Bush’s Treasury Secretary John Snow said “You can outsource a lot of activities and get them done just as well at a lower cost.” (Economy.com, Los Angeles Times, 2/10/04; New York Times, 10/6/03; Associated Press, 3/30/2004)


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